Every year, I choose a Word or Theme for the Year and encourage you to consider choosing one, too. It is usually a life kind of word or theme… “Focus,” “Health,” and “Money is Abundant” are pretty common words or thoughts. But I want to think more about finding a Sexual Word or Theme for 2024. It can be surrounding your kink, your fetish, or just a great sexy word.


Let’s Choose Our Sexual Word or Theme Together

I thought about being yummy sexy at first, but I’ve decided to be practical first because without Sexual Health, you can’t do anything else on this list. Therefore, I’m beginning with our Sexual Health and what that means for us. “Sexual Health” is a fantastic Word for the year 2024!


“Sexual Health”

I’ll list items, and note they are all links so you can explore on your own as well.

  • PrEP: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis – PrEP can be one medication or several antivirals that can help you prevent getting HIV by 99%. Male or female, if you have any unprotected sex with someone whose HIV status you do not know, PrEP is crucial to keeping you alive. (Yes, that is dramatic, but I want it to be.) You can get PrEP for free and without your insurance being noted, so there is no “I can’t let anyone find out” excuse. I want you safe and here through the next 20 years.
  • Sexual Vitality Medications: If you’re someone who struggles with erections or libido, get thee some help! With a care provider, find supplements and/or medication and find a place that makes you feel more balanced. Please don’t just Google and spend money on random supps that are being advertised. (Check the link I put in this bullet point.) Get valid and safe care.
  • Annual Well-Person Physical Exam: People tend to skip their annual exam, especially as we get older. However, it gets more important than less. For me, please schedule your annual exam. The next two bullet points are interconnected to the Annual Exam. Don’t let them scare you! Just do it.
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing: If you have had any sexual activity without being tested, even if the other person was tested, I ask you to please get STI testing at your annual exam. If you are monogamous, once you both are tested, then it’s cool, but if one of you has not been tested, please do so. Of course, if you are having sex with others, even if they “look fine,” please be tested. Even if you are on PrEP. Please get tested. Mistress says so.
  • Prostate Testing: If you are a bio male, a prostate test is easy and should be done annually. Don’t be afraid of the results! Get the test done. The link explains it and why.

Onward to the FUN Possible Sexual Word or Theme for 2024!



Might the word Chastity be your word for 2024? Have you been longing to be in chastity? Perhaps even a cock cage to really bind your abilities to pleasure yourself? As you consider the word, look around and see if you can find the perfect chastity device to wear for awhile… perhaps all of Locktober? What do you think?


“Humiliation Feeds Me”

Are you someone who gets into humiliation? How does that make you feel? Many folks who love to be humiliated or degraded think they are just too weird for words. Don’t believe it! The theme for 2024 can easily be “Humiliation Feeds Me!” I want you to embrace whatever kink or fetish you are into and fuck anyone who judges you for it. You know we Mistresses are here to serve it up for you in spades. 



You guys and gals who tell me you’re submissive make me smile. Having once been a submissive myself, that you know that joy, too, is just delicious. How might you exhibit your submission during 2024? How would you utilize the word “submission” so to prove to me and those around you just how submissive you really are? I encourage you to Serve others. Serve your partner. Serve those at work. And serve other people and animals you see in the world. Submission is not just a sexual game; it’s a life choice.


“Embrace My Inner Sissy”

Do you have that beautiful girlish side tucked deep inside your panties? Well, 2024 is the year to say, “Embrace My Inner Sissy!” I’ve written several times about how to demonstrate your sissy self without anyone knowing what you’re doing. Even if you can’t dress in a sissy maid outfit or a cute Catholic School plaid skirt, you can adopt secret ways to remember you are a sissy through and through. 


“Fulfill My Fantasies”

For those of you who have more niche fantasies like wanting to suck cock, cum eating, pegging, wearing a chastity cage, pedal pushing, gooning, CBT, BDSM, or any unlimited number of other fetishes or kinks, you can wrap them all into “Fulfill My Fantasies!”


I’m wishing your 2024 does exactly that… allows you to fulfill ALL your fantasies.


Let me know when your desires are met this year. I want to hear all about it! 


Have a beautiful 2024!


Happy New Year!


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