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“Let me hold

some of your shame;

I will give you

much of my love.”

                         – Daphne

How to Hide Your Sexual Identity From Prying Eyes

Many people ask me how to hide their identity from people who might judge who they are or what they do. I am asked to explain in detail how to keep their sexual identities and proclivities private and hidden. Folks might want to hide their identities because of their...

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SPH Hilarity at the Sex Party

During my Sex-Cation, at the Sex Party portion of the gathering, an SPH Display was set up in my honor. Besides the Sybian I requested, I wanted them to collect all the small dicklettes they could find so the group could have a good laugh. You know how much fun SPH...

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Riding the Sybian – Giddyup!

When planning my Sex-Cation for earlier late last month, I insisted on a Sybian in each location I would be going to. Initially, there were 4 places, then down to 3, but because of COVID hitting the area and a hurricane coming at my home, I zippity doo dah'd back home...

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Sissy Pageant (Part 2)

In Sissy Pageant (Part 1), I shared about the beginning part of the evening. I described the flowers and candles and how beautiful we all looked. Then it was complete sissy chaos as we lifted our heavy gowns and showed off our under-lingerie. Wheee! Here is Part 2:...

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