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Welcome to my Audios Page!

You will find something for everybody here, so poke around and see what you can find.

12-7-20: Beginning a Sissy Training Section!

Here are your first two assignments: Sissy Training Lips and Sissy Training True Name

9-22-20: Adding a NEW area called ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), a fancy way of saying that wonderful tingly sensation you get when someone whispers in your ear or, for some people, crinkling paper or nails tapping on metal, pages turning or… soft moans of lovemaking. Be sure to listen with headphones!

Watch as I add more to this area!

ASMR Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975 Masturbate & Moans

1st ASMR Call Busts My Cherry

Quarantine Audios Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Remember You Can SexyText!

My First Quarantine Fantasy Call on 3/20/20

Privacy in the Car

Pegging Thoughts

SPH Remembrances

Ideas About Panties

submissive Reminders

Remembering BBC

quarantine Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Custom Audios

Did you know I do CUSTOM AUDIOS, the usual ones OR the new ASMR ones tailored specifically to you and your desires and kinks? 

2 Ways to create a Custom Audio for you:

  1. You tell me your kink or fetish and a little about what turns you on and I go from there, giving you exactly what you desire for a PRIVATE and specialized Audio that’s forever all yours. I can even use your name (or pet name!) to really personalize it.
  2. Some folks prefer to write their own script and let me read it. Now, I do not just just boringly read it, either. They are full of sexiness and passion, exactly what you would expect from me.

Let me know if you are wanting a Custom Audio! I would love to do it for you. Prices vary according to length of Audios!

Shopping Audios

Doing Your Own Nails


Sissy Hair/Wigs

Buying Lipstick

Panties Audios

Panties at the Office

Office Panties

Hamper Diver

Wearing Panties At a Sex Party

Going to the Seamstress 

LONG! Panties: A Tale of the Panty Boy (Girl?)

Other Sissy Goodies!

How to Walk in High Heels

Rub Your Clitty!

Starting Your Feminization

Tucking Talk

Sissy Dancing at the Club

Sissies Getting Mani-Pedis

Wearing a Sissy Plug

What Kind of Sissy Are You?

The Sissy Slut

Sissies Twirling!

Do You Have a Beard?

Coloring Your Hair

Sissy Tea Party

LONG! Sissy Fun at the Sex Party

Serving Your Mistress

Being Collared

Kneel, My Sweet submissive

Good Morning, boy

Needing a Lawn Boy

LONG! Female-Led Relationship Part 1

LONG! Female-Led Relationship Part 2

LONG! Möbius Strip: A BDSM Scene (Part 1)

LONG! Möbius Strip: The Caning (Part 2)

Glory Holes

Your Turn for Bukkake!

Time for You to Eat Your Cum!

May I Cum?

Bukkake at a Sex Party


Cum Eaters Unite!

C’mon, Eat It!

Watching Cum Shot Porn

LONG! Cum on My Face

LONG! Cum on My Tits

MSM (Cocksucking) Audios

I Love Cocksuckers

Sucking BBC

Cocksucking Turns Me On

Finally, On Your Knees

Look at Yourself in the Mirror

1st Trip to the Glory Holes

LONG! I Love Gay Sex

Audios About Sex Parties!

Sex/Play Party Afterglow!

Sucking Cock at a Sex Party

Panties at the Party

Wearing Panties At a Sex Party

LONG! Whisked Away to the Bahamas for a Sex Party!

LONG! Sex Party Blow Job

LONG! Sex Party in a Petticoat


Let’s Have a Footjob!

Footjob Yummies

Another new Footjob Audio!

Foot Worship as a Couple

Pegging You!

Laughing at SPH

SPH on the Beach

Beg to Be Cuckolded


Embarrassment vs. Humiliation

Big Dick/Little Dick

SPH at My Play/Sex Party!

Lawyers with Tiny Dicks

A Dose of Humiliation

Scary Visit to the Sex Store

A Visit to the Restaurant

Tell the Clerk Why You Need That

Buying Your 1st Dildo

Be Naked for Me (CFNM)

Hand Job anyone?

Masturbation 4 All!


Do I Have to Cum When I Call?

Sucking Off BBC

Getting Fucked by BBC

Cock Control with a Metronome

MILF Softness

Pegging Your Sexy Ass

Sex on the Beach

Cock & Ball Torture (is FUN!)

CBT “Crocheting” 

“Mentor” I Love to Fuck


Hand Jobs

Rainy Day Masturbation

Watching Porn While on a Call with Me 

Peeping Tom

Camel Toe Appreciation

Wake-Up Call 

Watching Porn Together 

Just Relaxing 

Sweat Lickers

LONG! Big Black Cock – Big Black FUN!

LONG! The Barbershop/Anonymous Sex


Informational, But (mostly) FUN Audios!

Coming Out Ideas

Using Safewords

Shocking Discovery for ED!

Mindfulness for Erectile Dysfunction

Need a Health Domme?

All about Condoms

PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis against HIV)

Information About Sexually Transmitted Infections

Aftercare: Cherishing My submissive After a Scene 

Fetishizing Fantasies (BBC, Race Play, Sexism, etc.)

Mindfulness Masturbation

Anatomy of a Clitoris (Finding Your Way Around)

“Leave My Nipples Alone!”

Porn/Sex “Addiction” – Seriously?

Music to Fuck By

Sexy Clothes for Men?

Sissies: When Does a Penis Become a “Clit”?

Sucking Dick Experiences

2019 Sissy Halloween Fun

2019 New Year’s Themes

Sexy Valentine’s Day

Trick or Treat

Freezing Your Balls Off

Secret Holiday Wishes

Winter Clothes

Trick or Treat

Hello, December

LONG! The Chanukah Candle

LONG! Christmas Shopping

LONG! Christmas Eve Fucking

LONG! You Are My Christmas Present

LONG! Cock  Control over the Holidays

Loving Tribute to Mistress Vivian