You watch Cum Eating Instructions porn, don’t you. I know you do! What is it you really want?

Need Clearer Cum Eating Instructions?

When you are watching CEI porn, you are looking at 3 things, right?

  1. You’re looking at the guy jerking off just like you are doing. You listen to the commentary about wanting to eat that cum so badly,
  2. Once he gets close to cumming, so do you and you want to really eat your cum now.
  3. You watch as the guy cums and laps up his cum

Then you cum and…

…you turn off the video!

Do you eat your cum? Fuck no! Your desire to eat it vanishes the moment you cum. In fact, it might even seem kind of repulsive.

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What Just Happened?

I explained some of what happens in this previous post Cum Eating Success – Finally!, but what if you still need more information or help?

How would you feel if you could really finally eat your cum?

I bet at the top of the world!

What Could You Do?

Honestly, that is what a Mistress can do for you. Having someone coach you while you are stroking that cock of yours, talking you through, explaining the physiology if you want that, and being your #1 support person to FINALLY get you to down that cumshot.

Are you ready?

Cum Eating