It’s soooo much fun going to the doctor, isn’t it? You always wonder what is wrong with people who say they hate going to the doctor. Don’t they know how erotic it is? How much fun it is? How it gives you such great masturbation material? Does that sound familiar? Probably only if you have a medical fetish!

Your Medical Fetish: From Whence It Came

It really doesn’t matter where your medical fetish started, although when we talk I do love to hear all about that.

Oh, when we talk, you ask? See, I am a Mistress who really gets into talking about medical things. I was a care provider for over 20 years and can talk everything from the office procedures to surgery. What is your preference… and desire? 

Do you have memories from when you were just starting care when you were 18 and how you felt the first time you put a medical gown on? Oh, I know… you felt naked and vulnerable. If you had a female nurse and provider, it was deliciously erotic to be naked under that gown while she was fully clothed. Perhaps you have a cross-fetish of Clothed Female/Naked Male (CFNM).

I love to explore all these medical fetish experiences, physical and emotional. I want to hear about your shame and embarrassment, especially if you got hard during the exam. Did the doctor check your testicles and your cock respond by standing upright? If so, how embarrassed were you? Did the doctor say anything to you?

Having a Mistress to Talk To

I am willing to bet you don’t have anyone to tell your fantasies to. Am I right? Well, that isn’t true anymore! Here I am. You can tell me anything about your sexual fetishes and desires (legal, anyway) and we can play them out. From alternative medicine to allopathic play, I would love to be your clothed, UNprofessional provider. 

Give me a call!