Have you needed to give your sexual confessions to someone? Do you have secrets you have not told anyone, but are threatening to fall out of your mouth at an inappropriate time?

This is what a Mistress is for. We are here to relieve the pressure of holding all those hidden sexual proclivities inside. Especially the ones you’ve held for years. Or decades. What have you done with them all this time? I think I know.

What Exactly Are Those Sexual Confessions?

You’ve held them all in! Perhaps masturbated to them a couple… hundred thousand times?

Now it’s time to let them out!

Faggot Wanna-Be

There are cocksuckers and there are guys who want to be faggots, even if it is just temporarily while they are sucking cock. Does that sound like they are the same thing? Not at all.

I sometimes call guys who just like sucking cock, but do not like the terms that insinuate being gay, including faggot or queer (see below), straight cocksuckers. These are my clients who are fags on Friday nights at the adult arcades, but are straight as an arrow the rest of the week.

And then there are those that dream of being a full-time gay boy. They want to wear whatever they desire, whether it is a sissy outfit or tight short shorts and a ribbed white tank top that shows off their nipples.

Is this your desire, too?

Delay & Deny

It might seem like an odd thing to confess, but there are those who really, really like to be teased, sometimes over and over again. What’s fun when you call us Mistresses is that we get to decide how long you are teased (delayed from an orgasm) or completely denied. How hilarious is that?

Why would anyone want to delay or deny their orgasm? Where in the world did they come up with that idea? I wish I had an answer, but no one seems to know. That’s why it can be difficult to explain to a partner. “Hey, will you tell me what to do with my dick? Just don’t let me cum. Or cum. You decide.” How can you convince a partner to take that much control over your cock? It can be tough.

That’s why we’re here!


Are you someone who wants (or needs!) to be spanked? Do you dream of being tied to the bed and having goodness knows what done to you? Perhaps you think about being the one in control, wielding the flogger on a tender young woman’s lovely pale thighs, marking them with your thwaps. Or are you the one who wants to be flogged? Caned? Have corporal punishment used on your bare behind? Maybe you are a BDSM Switch and want to waver between Dominant and submissive.

It can be nearly impossible to convince a partner not in the BDSM lifestyle to take control physically over you, or allow you to do the same to them. But with us Mistresses, we love to be the ones to take over your autonomy. Give us the paddle and we will totally put you in your place.

BDSM can take on so many guises, simply talk to us and we are glad to work with you on your kinks and fetish-y desires in a mental dungeon. And in the dungeon, only we have the key. Are you game?


Ahhhh, you want to be a sissy, eh? Have you been dressing up in your cousin’s dresses since you were young? Wearing your aunt’s panties? Stockings? Heels? Do you have no one to tell these secrets to?

If you didn’t know, I am an absolute sissy-lover. Not that kind of sissy lover, but someone who loves sissies. I get off on listening to your sissy ways, your feminine desires, and talking about fantasy outfits or experiences. Whether you are a cross-dresser, a transgirl, or a sissy, we can totally talk about everything from clothes to sex.

Sex, you ask? Some sissies love the idea of playing with each other. Then there are the sissy sluts who want to suck cock. (Let’s do it!) What about sissy maids? Glam sissies? We Mistresses love talking about all of those. You are safe with us and whatever your fetish, I promise, we have either heard about it or experienced with girls face to face.

No matter what, be yourself! I love all of you.

Cuckold Bitch

It’s so much fun when one of you quietly confesses your desire, even need, to be a cuckold. You tell me about the deliciousness of watching your wife get fucked by a man who is so much more Alpha than you. I hear about everything from helping your Hotwife pick out clothes to meet up with her Bull to eating that yummy creampie when she gets home.

How much of a cuckold do you want to be? Are you going to be put in a chastity cage if your now-Owner decides that’s where you need to be? Wouldn’t it be hilarious if she did put you in that cock cage and didn’t want to ever let you out? I think so! Be careful what you dream about. 

But we Mistresses can talk about those dreams and fantasies that come with the cuckold lifestyle. Whether you are able to live it out in reality or your imagination, let’s do it, cuckie-boy!

Cock Sucker

And then we cum to you guys and gals who want to be cocksuckers. Maybe you are already sucking dick. Perhaps you did in college and you can’t get the memories out of your mind.

Of all these confessions, this is the one I am personally most familiar with. Whether you wonder, “Am I Gay?” or you already know you are simply a straight cocksucker, I adore hearing ever single detail about what you have done or are dying to do. From kissing the tip to slobbering all over the shaft and balls, this majorly turns me on.

And getting fucked? Do you need lessons on how to do that? Does it turn you on thinking about all the prep involved or the lubing of the dildo or cock before inserting it into your sweet asshole? I am here to talk you through the whole process. Fun!

Tell Us Everything!

We most certainly want to know your confessions. Isn’t it time you told someone?