When I was a care provider, it was easy to recognize those who were fetishizing medical procedures. I thought it was fun to play along even though it bordered on not really doing my exact job. Are you someone who gets an erotic kick out of medical procedures, superficial or invasive? If so, I want to share some stories with you!

Fetishizing Medical Procedures Takes Many Guises

For those that aren’t sure what fetishizing is, it’s when you take something / an activity and make it erotic or sexually appealing. People can do that with shoes, feet, breasts, asses, or even things as innocuous as a wooden spoon and they can turn on the person so much that they fantasize about them and masturbate to orgasm thinking about the object or activity.

Sounds yummy to me!

So if we’re going to hone in on medical procedures, that can also mean many different things or experiences. I want to discuss them below.

As a piece of Trivia for you:
I often wear my stethoscope to Sex Parties so I can play nurse for those that want to play out their
medical fantasies.

Let’s talk about the different ways fetishizing medical procedures can play out.


CFNM: Clothed Female/Naked Male

This is probably the most common medical fantasy of all. And I love it! There is nothing more fun that having a man, typically strong and burly, take his clothes off in front of me or another medical person. Good lord is it fun to watch his face turn red with embarrassment or even shame (especially if his penis is on the smaller side).

Disrobing and climbing onto the exam table, ass in the air as you get up there, is so much fun because you know the nurse or doctor is going to watch you do it (if they stay in the room). If you do this before they come in, I have known many a man to leave the gown off and to present himself to the female physician and/or nurse bare-ass naked lying there on the table. Sometimes even with his feet in the stirrups!

“I was just preparing for the exam,” he would say coyly. Naughty boy!

These sorts of scenarios can happen in the doctor’s office or during a hospitalization. Even when the person is in the hospital for something serious, I have heard some stories about how the man set himself up to be caught naked or even masturbating. Naughty boys again!


Fetishizing Medical Procedures Phone Sex Mistress Daphne (800) 601-6975

Oh, and then there are the examinations during the visit. 

The most commonly fetishized part of the exam is the prostate check. The second most common is checking the testicles. I wish I had a dollar for every guy I know who has jumped to erection with the doctor’s hand on his balls and then ejaculated with the rectal exam. Is that you?

When the guy cums, he is usually horribly humiliated, but later at home will jerk off over and over, sometimes for years, remembering the humiliating experience. Is that the cutest thing? The idea of a man ejaculating on the female doctor’s glove and then her cleaning off his cock with tissues afterwards. That just makes my clit hard thinking about the embarrassment/eroticism-ness of it all.

I didn’t even mention examining the nipples or tickling him as the doctor’s hand slides down his body doing her examination. Those are rather yummy, too!

More Invasive Procedures

And then there are the extra kinky people who crave more BDSM-like medical procedures. This includes sounding, using syringes, bulb syringes, or even surgical tools.

(I am purposefully being vague to make it past the censors. Use your imagination! Be careful not to get too descriptive in the comments. I don’t want to have to bleep out parts, but I do want to hear, so let’s do a call!)

What’s wonderful is if these ideas are in your fantasy wheelhouse, I can absolutely talk about them on a call or with a Custom Audio. I totally LOVE getting graphic and feeding into your hungry desires for extra kinky-ness. I am that kind of kinky myself!

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