About Mistress Daphne

I have a lifetime of kinky experiences behind me. I was a lifestyle submissive for a tad over 20 years, then when released, I Switched and vowed to never submit to another. I have bottomed several times. One of my favorites was when Mistress Lilly tied me up a couple of years ago.
I’m a different kind of Mistress. You see, I love cock. And cum. I really am a cock & cum slut as much as you are (you folks who love both of them). You might be thinking, “That’s not real Mistress-y!” but I promise, it is ALL for my pleasure, not yours. Your dick is my living dildo. If I choose to use it, you do benefit, but my pleasure is far more important.
I also now know that ANYTHING a Mistress does is “Mistress-y.” Ha! I get to choose what is Mistress-y, not you!

Trans Community

transgender flag

I know the transgender community very well as well, have a lot of experience with transwomen (in all phases of transitioning: psychological, emotional, medically & surgically). If you’re a sissy, crossdresser or panty boi, you’re right up my alley as well. If you are simply questioning, I am here to listen and offer my experience with you. My FAQ goes into a bit more detail about what I like, have done in my twisted past and where I see myself here at LDW.

You can contact me several ways:


You can call, of course. Listen to a couple of my Audios to see if I resonate with your needs.
The number to call is: 800-356-6169.

Sexy Texting

If you need to be quiet, but also need to get off, I can Sexy Text with you. You and I chat via our computers and we both get off! I chat in Skype.

Skype – Cam & Chat

Skype is how I would Cam with you. I also do a lot of Sexy Texting in Skype, so that’s an option as well. My Username is: Daphne Enchantrix.


My email address is: Daphne@EnchantrixEmpire.com.
I look forward to meeting and getting to know you!