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“Let me hold

some of your shame;

I will give you

much of my love.”

                         – Daphne

“I Hate Myself” (I Hear You!)

"I Hate Myself" This is something I hear from you folks who call, text or cam with me. Sadly, I hear it far too often. Society judges our kinks and fetishes in ways that cause us to hate ourselves at times. To hide in shame. To purge our toys, clothes, makeup, porn,...

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THIS WEEK: Sissy Radio Show @ 11:00pm!

Due to a previous commitment, I will be doing my Sexy Sissy Saturday Radio Show at 11:00pm ET on January 25, 2020 instead of the usual 10:00pm. Remember, you can also come play in the Community Kink Chatroom as we are LIVE on the air! Hope to see you!

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Training: submissive or Sissy (The Interview)

I interviewed 2 people yesterday: a sissy-wanna-be and a girl wanting to be a submissive. I Need a New Acolyte I released my own 4-year long submissive 6 months ago as his life was moving on past what I could provide. It still aches in my heart, but I am so so happy...

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