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“Let me hold

some of your shame;

I will give you

much of my love.”

                         – Daphne

Sissy Training: Beginning Sex Toys (Week 3)

Saturday, 2/15/20, was so fucking much fun with my sissy-in-training Marica. It was a day for Sex Toys... well, to be more exact, with toys for the clitty/penis. Pussy/Anal Sex Toys for a Sissy My 3 girlfriends brought sex toys over to play with as well as talk about...

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Why Do Sissies Call Their Asshole a “Pussy?”

Transwomen tend to call their genitals by different names than the biological names they were given at their births (Assigned Male at Birth/AFAB). Why Change the Names? When being seen as men, the transwoman's dangly bits were called Penis and Testicles and the...

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