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“Let me hold

some of your shame;

I will give you

much of my love.”

                         – Daphne

Chastity Training

It’s always fun when someone comes to me and wants to learn how to remain in chastity. Gradual Chastity The first thing I need to dispel is that you will put on a cock cage and leave it there for a year. Not so! Every body (not just everybody) is different. Some need...

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Bobbing for… Cocks?

I went to a Halloween Party the Saturday before Halloween and it was a doozy! Amazingly sexy costumes (I went as a very slutty nurse!) on amazingly sexy people. I had a blast. Bobbing Our Friends One of the most fun parts of the party was when the folks who run the...

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Why Go Hairless?

The process of choosing to shave, wax, use a depilatory cream or spend the time and money for lasers to remove your hair can be a long road towards being hairless all over your body. Hairless Bits & Parts If you've considered going hairless, rest assured you are not...

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