I have had a run of folks, male and sissy, say they want to learn to suck cock. Well, being a major cocksucker myself, I can surely understand why!

Why Be a Cocksucker?


Why would anyone want to be a cocksucker if they are not already? Perhaps you have had your own cock sucked and thought, “What must that feel like, having a dick in my mouth?” Or maybe you have watched cocksucking porn and really gotten off on watching the women get their faces fucked by those huge black dicks and wondered if you would have that much pleasure on your face if that were you on your knees.

Of maybe you are like a LOT of men and just really crave being a cocksucker… have since you were a teen… maybe even sucked dicks in college as a drunken game, but pushed it aside as a childish prank… only to have the urge return full-force as an adult.

“Am I Gay?”

This is the #1 question I get from wanna-be cocksuckers.

If you have read me for any length of time, you know I do not believe all cocksuckers are gay, or even bisexual. Or a sissy/transperson (who, if female in her brain, sucking dick, would make her heterosexual), either.

This is how I “test” you all to see if you are gay or bi:

When you think about sucking cock, do you also think about being in the man’s arms, cuddling with him on the bed, kissing each other tenderly after having brought him to orgasm?

If you feel that is just crazy talk, my guess is you are not homosexual or bisexual.

Just a Cocksucker

If you rule out the gay/bi factor, then you are just a run-of-the-mill straight cocksucker.