Daphne’s FAQ

I get asked a lot what I am into, so thought a separate page would be a good idea.When you read about someone on paper, they can seem flat and devoid of personality. I want you to know I have a great deal of color in my voice, in my stories and in my ideas.

A lot of my FAQ is extreme. I can be a really naughty girl, but am also a tender, gentle MILF… someone who will hold your head lovingly while you experience some anal play with someone else. I love whispering in your ear… endearing words as well as ones to fuck your head up good.

Twisted Sadistic Cunt

The next thing you need to know about me is how twisted I am. There really is very little that will squick me (LEGAL stuff… let’s stay legal, eh?).  If you have fantasies that are borderline, contact me and we can totally see if we can work it out or not.

After you see how easy-going I am, we can move on to seeing if our Kinks & Fetishes mesh with each other.

Kinks & Fetishes

Straight Cock-Sucking – So many of you think you are slick being straight yet jacking off to gay porn… share with me, eh? Let’s go to the Glory Holes together. Let’s skulk around the bathhouses with each other. Just so I get to watch! If you are just wanting to imagine what it would be like but know you would never ever do it in real life, I can describe it down to the tiniest detail… because I love sucking dick, too!

Secret Gay Sex – If you are straight, but love having a cock in your ass, I want to watch, guide, and teach while we talk about your cravings.

Gay Porn – This is my go-to for myself. I fucking get OFF on Gay Porn… you, too? Do you want to watch together? I love to do that!

Sissies – In my real life, sissies abound! I love shopping with my girls, getting make-overs, mani-pedis… they are never alone again. Let me know where you are (just starting with panties? or already have an entire wardrobe?) and let’s move forward from there!

T-Girls – Transgender folks  or anyone on the entire trans-spectrum from Crossdressers to those who want to medically & surgically transition – I have a lot of real life experience with FtM transitioning. I also do not judge your ability or lack of ability or desire to transition medically or surgically. If you tell me you are a woman, you ARE a woman. There are no “passing” requirements here!

BBC – Yeah, it might be politically incorrect and all, but give me a big fat thick vein-y black dick and I am one fulfilled bitch. I know you are, too. (Plenty of you have told me.) Let’s be Politically INcorrect together.

Cuckolding – One of my favorite mental fucks I love to explore is cuckolding. I can torment the hell out of you or I can get you into participating in the play as you watch your partner be fucked by a real man… wherever your own mind wants to take you!

MILF – I am 49-years old and have, in real life, had lovers 25 years younger than me. I am older, but way way wiser, too. Let me guide you to where the older woman’s pleasures lie.

GFE – I totally get off on being your girlfriend… whether you are 21 or 72, I will spend the day with you visiting friends, having lunch… and we can’t forget having sex, can we? Dress me in whatever you want me to wear and let’s go!

Pegging – I love fucking you boys & girls. Love it like I cannot even tell you. In your mouth or in your ass, let me fill that hole with my dick.

CBT – Give me a few minutes with those balls and feel my nails dig in right at the base… and I twist. Fuck, I love to hear you squeal as I squeeze and turn my hand as I grab your testicles. Shall we use implements instead? Weights? A vise? Rubber bands? Stockings? The list for play is endless!

Giving Pain – I said it above, but I really am quite Sadistic. Floggers, canes, switches, paddles… my hands… yeah, let me at those nipples, that neck, those cock and balls… even your hips as I bruise you while fucking you hard. Do you want clothespins on your nipples while we talk? Perhaps a zipper on the shaft of your dick? Let’s do it together!

Cum Eating – I cannot eat enough cum myself and love when you want to be my cumslut as well. We can share… I can talk you into sticking your tongue into your own that first time… I can watch you gulp 25 loads like you were shootin’ tequila. Fuck, let’s ALL eat cum!

Mind Fucks – I need about 3 minutes to climb into that whore-brain of yours, just enough to fuck you up. Whether it is humiliation or just some twisted naughtiness, I can have you confused for a long while.

Medical Play – Having been a midwife for over 20 years, I am adept at using speculums, syringes, suturing, cleansing equipment, etc. I love to play in doctor’s offices. I have the cold stirrups ready for you now.

Again, if you don’t see your Kink or Fetish here, do not hesitate to contact me!