A fetish I knew about, but never really knew anyone that enjoyed it is Pedal Pushing. Now I have a couple of clients who’ve driven me to learn more about it. Now I’m sharing what I’ve learned with you!

What Is Pedal Pushing?

Imaginations are in overdrive with this fetish, young men finding themselves laying down under pianos, organs or even underneath the pedals in a car (standard, of course), cocks being used as a pedal to push the music or engine into ecstasy. It’s a nuanced twist on foot/toe play.

Besides “Pedal Pushing,” other names for the fetish are “Pedal Pumping,” “Pedal Revving,” and even “Pedal Cranking,” depending on the gentleman’s specific needs.

pedal pusher

And How Exactly Does This Work?


See the huge church organ  below? Look at the the many control pedals underneath. Each of the different types makes its own note as well as helping a note change octaves (one octave up or one down) and lastly, the pedals create crescendos and decrescendos.

The pedal pusher pictures himself laying on some part of the undercarriage of the enormous organ. (Yes, it does take imagination.) Down, against the wall of the instrument… where they can feel the vibrations of the music… they watch the organist walk to bench. Their needs about to be fulfilled, many have erections already. As the organist readies to play, she slides her own heels off, leaving her with stocking’d feet. Then she adjusts her skirt before sitting on the wooden bench.

From the kinky man’s vantage point, he salivates looking at the organist’s feet in heels, then in stocking’d feet.

Once the organist is settled, she turns on the organ, allowing it to awaken, before placing her feet on the pedals below.

The “pedals,” of course, are the young man’s genitals and as the music begins to stream forth, the organist “plays” the cock and balls, pressing, sliding, tapping, stretching, pushing… all designed to create the most magical sounds of all – the ascending moans of an orgasm.

Is this a fetish of yours? I would love to hear about it!