SPH. You all live Green With Envy every single day. Do you know that feeling? Do you know it well? Are you someone with a small penis? If so, I know exactly the struggle you deal with… and I love it! It is so funny to me that you have to go through life always knowing what is between your legs, wishing you had what was between the legs of the man next to you. The real man. The man who has a dick at least twice, and maybe thrice your dicklette’s size.

I Was a Naughty Cheerleader

You see, I was known as the slut of cheerleading squad. I loved my designation. It meant I got all the sex I wanted. And I wanted a LOT! It was so fun going to functions where I got to spend time with lots of cute guys and pretty much have the pick of the pack. We’d slip in the back room and make out and grope under our sexy clothes. I can still feel my right hand inside dozens of men’s pants, fondling their cocks and making them hard.

If I really liked them, I would get down on my knees and give them a BJ right there. I tried hard to make them moan, alerting others as to what was going on. We were walked in on a lot and I loved that, being the exhibitionist that I am. Nothing more fun than hearing the door open while my mouth was full of a yummy cock sticking out of his tuxedo pants.

I especially liked when the voyeurs didn’t leave, but stood watching, sometimes waiting their turn to push their cocks into my mouth. That was added fun.

Meeting the Man of My Laughter

Did I tell you about the time I was making out with the guy at school and how I learned of his tiny member? No? Well, let me tell you the story. 

Oh, how beautiful he was. He was the captain of the football team and I had had a crush on him for a very long time. While I was pretty and popular in school (isn’t every slutty cheerleader?), I never thought that popular senior would give me a second look. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I guess he had heard about my naughty sexual habits and wanted some himself.

After the first game of the season, where we won of course, we were all in high spirits. I was glad the after-party was at our Sorority House so I could go to my room with whomever I was going to hook up with that night. While I had seen this yummy buff man at many parties, we had never formally met. We finally talked and hit it off at this specific Sorority party. 

SPH in the Making

As soon as it was polite, he and I excused ourselves and went up the stairs to my private room. My pussy was wet just thinking about getting my hand on this guy’s rod. I mean, he was so gorgeous, buff, and athletic. I knew he had to have the biggest dick of the football team. And I would know having sucked or fucked most of the other guys’ cocks.

Making out on my twin bed meant we had to get close and I humped the crotch of his pants. This was the first inkling something was amiss. I didn’t feel the usual bulge that I could rub my clit on. Hmmm. Maybe he was gay? I had never heard that rumor, but you never know.

I could tell this yummy treat was getting more and more nervous as I got closer to his dick. What was going on? I decided it was time to just check this oddity head on (so to speak) and unzipped his pants. He mumbled something about, “It’s not what you’re used to” and I got excited. Maybe it was huge! I couldn’t wait to slide that cock into my aching pussy. I was so fucking wet!

I Couldn’t Help But Laugh, Creating SPH 

I got his zipper open and still didn’t see anything. God, I was so confused. I slid my hand into his underwear and what I found was ghastly. There was nothing for me to do but laugh my ass off. I looked at his face at the same time and saw him blush crimson. But you know what? At the same time, his pencil dick finally got hard! What the fuck was going on?

This was my first experience with SPH

How had I not heard rumors of this guys teeny weenie? Later, I learned he was a virgin the night I was with him. Apparently he was so excited he could be with me, the most popular girl in school, he just couldn’t resist, even knowing what might happen. He told me later he was hoping I would be compassionate. I laughed raucously again and told him he was high if he thought I would take pity on him.

While I never touched nor did anything with his golf pencil dicklette, I did see it a lot and make this manly man wank for me (with one finger and his thumb, of course) dozens of times. He got so hard when he took his pants down, knowing I was going to fuck with his head and humiliate him for what he did not have between his legs. And you know his teeny jerking made him dribble fast and I was able to get on with my real life of sluttiness with big, yummy cocks. 

Every once in awhile, I hear from him. He’s still single (of course) and pays Mistresses to laugh at him because every woman he comes close to is aghast at the emptiness of his itty bitty balls and pointless clitty.

And So Began My Lifelong Love of SPH

With every tiny dick’d man I come across, I silently thank this dude for showing me the way to some of the most fun I have ever had when it comes to NOT having sex. Over and over, teeny dicklette guys walk into my path and I get to have great laughs at their expense. Small Penis Humiliation is the best!

Is this you? Golf Pencil Dick? Are you an SPH slut? If so, let’s fuckin’ talk!!!

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