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An Ass Is Not a Jewelry Box!

ass play, anal play safety, assThis post is particularly for those who are curious about or already enjoy ass play. Although it is not about ass play per se, let it call your attention to the great importance and seriousness of anal play safety.

If All Else Fails, Hide the Ill-Gotten Booty In YOUR Booty?!?!

My, What an Odd Walk You Have…

On June 17, police in Konya, Turkey, were summoned to the scene of a burglary, during which some jewelry was among the stolen items. Apparently, during their investigation, the police were tipped off to a potential suspect, when they noticed a man on the scene (for reasons not reported) was walking in a fashion that the cops deemed to be “peculiar”.

(I am guessing he may have been walking a bit delicately, as if something were lodged in his ass… What’s wrong? Is your dildo in sideways? [Cue laughter.])

After noticing his little on-site “perp walk,” the police decided to escort the suspicious man on a date with an x-ray machine. (Precisely how he was walking and why it moved the police to whisk him away for an examination was not noted.)

Giving New Meaning to “Anal Beads

Upon viewing his films, the technician who took the x-rays found a lovely collection of jewels, hidden in the man’s tookus. In his anal jewelry box, the thief was holding two gold rings, four gold ear rings, and two gold necklaces for safe-keeping.

I am supposing he had such a close call during his burgling that he decided to hide the jewelry in the closest place possible!

So That’s Where Mom’s Necklace Went!

As if that is not odd enough, would you believe that the tech who discovered the backside treasure trove was a member of the family from whom said jewels were stolen?! That is no joke!!

After conducting a recovery mission, as it were, in which the jewelry was reclaimed, the pieces were cleaned and then given to the police.

Per, the ass bandit was fingered for two additional break-ins that had occurred in the same neighborhood.

A Word to the Wise…

Anal Play Safety Is No Joke!

Let this be a lesson that your ass is NOT meant to be used as a hiding place for stolen property!

And on a serious note, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER put ANY objects with sharp, jagged, rough, pointed or blunt edges in your backside. That is a recipe for disaster in the way of a rectal laceration or perforation, which are very serious and come with a lengthy recovery period. It may also bring an abrupt end to your anal masturbation.

Always be wise and use good judgment when you’re indulging in any kind of anal play, whether you’re alone or with a partner, using a dildo, vibrator, butt plug or anything else. Remember, anal play safety first!!

(Details of the crime came from the and as reported by David Moye for the Huffington Post online at

Thanks to my fellow anal play fan, the wild and wonderful Ms. Daphne, for inviting me to share with you here. How I do love sharing SO many things with her!

And… If you think you can handle double the trouble, Ms. Daphne and I would be thrilled to tag-team YOUR hungry hole and show you our own version of DP!! Your ass would never be the same…

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