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Sex Party: Those Lingering Memories

The first weekend of February, 2017, I attended a 4-day long Sexy Party in Key West, Florida. I’ve written about my Bukkake and Spanking Scenes and have been trying to figure out how to pick the next topic to share. However, they all seem to run into each other and thought, instead of writing about one experience, I would give a smattering of what I voyeuristically observed.


What I Saw

  • A submissive boy on his knees, hands bound behind his back, servicing a woman on the couch, her bottom scooted towards the edge, his tongue deep inside her pussy. I sat next to her, sucking on her nipple that was deliciously erect.
  • An older gentleman wearing aqua lace bikini panties, carrying a magic wand and bestowing orgasms on everyone he pranced by.
  • The massage tables were always occupied, usually 3 people massaging someone… first their arms, legs & backs… then moving to the genitals and breasts/chest. There really is hardly anything sweeter than watching several people pleasuring a person with their loving hands. Much more than a hand-job; the orgasm’s aura lingering for a long time.

artist, Susi Bleuler

Water Play

(Not that kind!)

  • A sweet man (whose dick I sucked a couple of times during the weekend) bouncing on a dildo that was suction-cupped to the bottom of the bathtub who had an audience of 5, cheering him on. I insisted he cum for me without touching his cock. He was a good boy, squirting his jizz onto the side of the huge tub, then with my direction, licked the cum off, showing it to me in his mouth before swallowing. (I laughed!)
  • Ongoing antics in the outdoor hot tubs (there were 3) and pool included fucking, sucking, eating pussy, jacking off, hand-in-the-pussy fucking, men watching and jerking themselves off… and relaxing (er, recovering!). Some even swam laps in the morning for their daily exercise. I got mine elsewhere. laughingwink

Sloppy Kisses

The long weekend was so much fun, as we all said good-bye to each other on Sunday night, hugs, kisses and a few last gropes were had before everyone got into their vehicles and headed home.

I relished my drive from Key West back to Miami alone, able to think back to all the sexy fun I’d had.

I masturbated twice before pulling in the driveway.

A Splash of Bukkake

Every once in awhile, a girl just needs a facial. Know what I mean?

Bukkake Bursts


At my recent Sex Party Weekend, there were about 100 people, men and women pretty evenly represented.

One of the things I find hilariously fun is bukkake. Not every girl likes having great gobs of cum . . . → Read More: A Splash of Bukkake

60-Years Old & His First Spanking!

At the 4-Day Weekend of Wild Sex in early February, 2017, I met a wonderful 60-year old gentleman, shy and soft-spoken; it really was surprising to see him at a 100+ people party, but here he was.

Spanking Wishes

During one round of introductions, this quiet man shared that he had always had . . . → Read More: 60-Years Old & His First Spanking!

My Pussy Hurts!

Hol-y FUCK, did I have an uh-MAZE-ing time from Thursday afternoon to Sunday night, partying my body off and entertaining others with theirs as well.  Me with 100 of my closest sex buddies: male and female, butch and femme, in panties and with strap-ons. A veritable cornucopia of decadence. I wish I could have brought . . . → Read More: My Pussy Hurts!

Sexing It Up This Long Weekend!

I leave tonight for my long Sex Party Weekend.


I am so excited, I have been a masturbating fool these past few days, imagining the fun I am going to have.

Bring on the Sybian!

Cannot wait to fill you in on all the naughty fun next week.

. . . → Read More: Sexing It Up This Long Weekend!

When the Call Goes Wonky

Phones Are Not Perfect!

Say you are talking to me, sharing deep & secret fantasies you have never told another soul before… and then the phone goes dead and we are cut off from each other.

You ask, “Are you there? Daphne?!”

And I don’t answer.

What do you think?

“Ack! I must . . . → Read More: When the Call Goes Wonky

The Hand Job

Fuck, I love giving hand jobs.

Reaching Out

It’s so nice to touch your cock when it is still flaccid, soft and gooshy.

I love feeling it… making it… go from a putty consistency to a really, really ripe peach, to a ripe peach and then a deliciously firm peach. (I especially can . . . → Read More: The Hand Job

Ballet Class: Tippy-Toes

When the girls in the classroom learn to stand on their toes, it is called en pointe.

Where’s the Point?

But, my little submissive, at his size and shape, wasn’t ever going to get up on his tippy-toes.

And they all knew it. He told me how he tried, over and over to . . . → Read More: Ballet Class: Tippy-Toes

Dinner Party Contest: A Win for ALL! (Part 2)

In Dinner Party Contest: A Win for ALL! (Part 1), I began the story of seduction of three vanilla friends of my play friend couple.

Here’s how the scoring stands at the moment:

Kissing – 2 points for me Pants or dress off Underwear off When genitals come out to play – 2 points . . . → Read More: Dinner Party Contest: A Win for ALL! (Part 2)

Dinner Party Contest: A Win for ALL! (Part 1)

Short Story: I FUCKING WON! (Twice!)

Last night I wrote about my Dinner Party Contest I was readying myself to attend. It was a Contest we were having to see who could corrupt the unsuspecting 3 guests the fastest and most completely.

Let’s review:

Our goal… the race… the CONTEST, if you will… is . . . → Read More: Dinner Party Contest: A Win for ALL! (Part 1)