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Foot Baths to Show Devotion

Foot Bath of Honor

If you’ve ever wondered how to honor your Mistress in a special way that not many others do, a Foot Bath is one way.

If you’ve never seen one, here are a couple of ways they can be done:

foot bath

A standard, fairly easy, flower footbath.

Or you can use essential oils as aromatherapy to create a delicious atmosphere.

Droplets of Essential Oils offer beautiful scents.

NOTE ABOUT ESSENTIAL OILS: Some people are extremely sensitive to essential oils (I am one of them!) and can get hives when the oil touches the skin, even in a Foot Bath. Oddly, I am allergic to lavender, one of the most often used oils… used for relaxation. Instead of oils, you can use an aromatherapy diffuser to waft the beautiful scents around the room without it touching her skin.

Diffuser with essential oils to create aromatherapy.

How NOT to Give a Foot Bath

Popular in Asia, please do not bring this scary tradition to your Mistress.

The “Fish Bath” uses Garra Rufa to eat the bacteria off the feet. YUCK!

Ritual Foot Bath

Sometimes, writing a short piece or memorizing a favorite poem to read while you are bathing her feet offers a beautiful aspect to the Foot Bath.

Soak In

I let my skin soak in the bath,
I see a glimpse in my palm,
Suddenly; I convinced’
many things visible even in mist.

Nida Mahmoed

Take your Mistress’ feet one at a time, make love to them with your fingers, your palm, your mind. Focus completely on her feet… stay Mindful, paying attention only to her and her beautiful feet.

After you’ve spent sufficient time pleasuring your Mistress with the Foot Bath, I hope you’ve chosen some gorgeous, thick Egyptian cotton towels with which to dry her feet.

Lotions or oils will be lavished on her skin after her Foot Bath. But you, I am sure, already know how to do that.

Foot Baths Do Not Need to Be Real Life to Be Special

For those of you submissives with online or phone Mistresses, you, too, can give “Foot Baths” to show your devotion. Talk Her through it, describe the scents and sounds and feelings of Her experience. Be as detailed as possible, telling Her exactly what you are doing and what you would like Her to feel.

Do not have the television on (especially not porn!). If you want to play music, have soft ambient sounds that are not distracting. Don’t look at the computer. Just close your eyes and BE with your Mistress. She deserves every bit of your focus.

Now go devise your next call. Every Mistress loves the attention you can give with the Foot Bath.

A milk & flowers Foot Bath.

Care of Stockings

Stockings Require Care

In talking to some of my girls who love to wear pantyhose, thigh high stockings or tights, I’ve realized that not all have the chick secrets we cisgirls learn growing up. Even looking online, I do not see some of the helpful hints.

For some, it helps to wear surgical gloves . . . → Read More: Care of Stockings

NOTE: New WISH LIST Address for ALL Mistresses!

Please make changes in your address books!


LDW Group, Inc Attention: DAPHNE 18 MAPLE AVE #282 BARRINGTON, RI 02806

Again, please make a note of it!

Jingle Jingle Jingle Bells

What with the holidays coming up, there are always lots of parties to attend. My favorites are the kinky parties; I could not wait to bring my new subbie boy and show him off to my Mistress friends.

My friend Layla was having a Holiday Party, covering the variety of holidays in December… but . . . → Read More: Jingle Jingle Jingle Bells

When It’s Nipple-y Outside

It is winter time, the season when our nipples stand erect without any physical stimulation at all.

Winter’s Chill

Do you look at women’s tits, hoping to see their hard nipples when they take their coats off? Do hard nipples make another part of you hard? What do you think when you can see . . . → Read More: When It’s Nipple-y Outside

Fire & Ice: Playing with Temperature

Sex should be fun! Sometimes bringing new ideas into the bedroom can liven things up.

Temperature: Take a Chill

Playing with cold is a pretty common experience.

Ice is a fun, easy and not terribly messy item to play with. You can use ice in almost endless variations. Put some ice in your mouth . . . → Read More: Fire & Ice: Playing with Temperature

15 Minutes FREE Day!

It’s TRUE!

If you’ve made 15 calls or a total of 150 minutes in the past 5 years, you get a FREE 15 minutes with the Mistress of your choice. You can leave it at the 15 minutes or add it to a longer call.

If you’re not sure if you qualify, please . . . → Read More: 15 Minutes FREE Day!

TwoFer Tuesday TOMORROW!



2 Mistresses for the Price of 1

(I’ll holler it now.)


2 More 15th Anniversary Specials Coming Up!

They will both make you crazy with excitement!

2 Mistresses 4 the Price of 1!

On Tuesday, November 28th, you get 2 Mistresses for the price of one. Seriously!

When you call in, you can either have a 2nd Mistress in mind, or Live Help will get you a perfect fit.

Is your . . . → Read More: 2 More 15th Anniversary Specials Coming Up!

10-Minute Callers: This is for You!

I love all my callers, even you 10-minute guys & gals.


Seems like a really short time for a fantasy and orgasm, but some of you are able to cum within 2-3 minutes. Not a problem at all.

But I want to remind you, you are paying for 10-minutes, whether you use . . . → Read More: 10-Minute Callers: This is for You!