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Hump Day! Are you a Pillow Humper?

Are you a Pillow Humper?

Pillow Humper?

Many of you learned early on to hump the pillow (and/or the bed). It feels amazing, doesn’t it? The pressure against your genitals? Mmmmm. Delicious.

I know some of you feel like you are fucking someone when you do it, pushing your dick inside the imaginary pussy. That has to feel awesome, too!

Cummy Pillows

Do you make a mess on your pillowcase? Does it melt into the pillow itself? What about it dripping down onto the bed.

You could:

  • Use a towel between you and the pillow
  • Use a dish towel between you and the pillow
  • Jump up and lay back, letting the cum squirt onto your belly
  • Grab a dirty shirt/pair of pants/underwear and cum on it


the cleverest of all ideas I have come across yet!



When I learned the condom trick, I could have more guys and gals show themselves humping on cam… having them get all the way post-orgasm without making a mess.

AND, with the added benefit of being able to slurp it out of the condom.

Talk about your clean-up crew!

Clean Sheets (aka I Went OUT!)

I pretty much took the day off on Thursday in anticipation of the weekend, my busiest days of the week.

Clean Sheets

I cleaned, did laundry, watered the plants, raked the yard, went to Pilates, then later, a Yoga class. After that, I took a well-earned nap on my just-changed clean sheets.

I love . . . → Read More: Clean Sheets (aka I Went OUT!)

For My Hamper Divers! PLEASE READ!

You know I looovvvveeee when we talk about you hamper divers, but I must caution you NOT to break into someone’s house and steal them!

Breaking, Entering and Stealing Panties

This judge outside New York City was arrested for doing just that.

(District Judge Robert) Cicale was arrested on March 29 after allegedly breaking into a . . . → Read More: For My Hamper Divers! PLEASE READ!

I Made an Audio (and He LOVED It!)

I’ve made audios for my audio site, of course, but only once before have I made a custom audio and it has been ages. If you’ve ever wondered how it works, I will show you!

(¡Y al final, explico que también puedo grabar el audio en español!)

The Script for the Audio

This . . . → Read More: I Made an Audio (and He LOVED It!)

Let’s Talk Passwords (I’ll Make It Sexy)

So you know how you like to look at porn secretly on your computer or phone? How you hide it from your girlfriend/boyfriend or marriage partner? How you would be mortified if they found out you were watching cuckolding scenarios, or better yet, sucking dick ones?


And not the . . . → Read More: Let’s Talk Passwords (I’ll Make It Sexy)

Virtual Pedal Pumping

I am on the search for a Virtual Pedal Pumping Fetish group but have not found one yet.

I might have to be the one to start it!

I found this piano at the Botanical Gardens and sat down to play for my Pedal Pumping Fetishists. Such gorgeous surroundings, I was thrilled to . . . → Read More: Virtual Pedal Pumping

Learning How to Put on Makeup

Sissies & Makeup

For new or isolated sissies, it can be a challenge to learn how to put makeup on. Happily, I have a couple of tried and true ideas for you.

Online Tutorials

All over the Internet, but especially on YouTube, you can find tutorials about makeup placement. What is wonderful is you . . . → Read More: Learning How to Put on Makeup

Pegging Your Yummy Ass

One of my favorite phone/virtual/real life things to do is Pegging.


To make you laugh, it took years for me to learn the term “Pegging.” I always called it “Fucking You in the Ass.” “Pegging” can be said in polite company, though, a Mistress asking her submissive man across the table, “Can . . . → Read More: Pegging Your Yummy Ass

Resources for Physical and Sexual Assault Help & Healing

The Serious Topic Series (all the different post listings at the bottom of this page) required a separate resources page. Please keep at least one phone number or website on your phone if you are one that has anonymous sex. Please be proactive with self-care.

You have heard it 1000 times, but if . . . → Read More: Resources for Physical and Sexual Assault Help & Healing

Part 4 – Emotional Healing After Physical/Sexual Assault

I end this Serious Topic Series with what might be the most important topic of all:


While this discusses healing after a physical and sexual assault, the strategies here, merely a beginning of ideas, can help with healing in many areas of our lives, including sexual shame.

Setting Shame Aside

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