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Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Part 3)

A simple Brunch turned into my picking up a D/s couple. In Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Part 2), I left off saying:

While on my knees, I turned slightly towards the Dom and asked, “May I?”

He said, “Help yourself.”

I pushed my nose right up against her pussy, took a deep breath, inhaling her musky scent, then moved up slightly, pushing my tongue right onto her labia, splitting it open deftly, digging my tongue in deep, tasting the wet she had tucked in there.

Both of us groaned with pleasure.


Soaking Wet Cunt

I shoved my face into her cunt and felt the metal on my lips. I backed out a tad and flicked the labial piercings with my tongue, then smooshed right back inside her soft folds. She swayed a little so I looked up and told her to spread her legs and hold onto my head for support, then went back to feeding my hunger. Oh, my, it had been far too long since I’d had my face in a cunt.

I am aware I was on my knees, a Domme, while the submissive stood over me, but I was equally as clear as she was who was in control. She was giving; I was taking.

Fuck, I love eating pussy.

It would have been a lot easier if I had lain her down on the ground, but I was getting some perverse pleasure out of forcing her stand while my face got sloppy wet with her juices. I looked up and told her to squat a little and giggled inside at making the situation even more physically uncomfortable for her. She obeyed instantly.

eat standing up

Scrutinizing Gaze

The Dom moved his chair beside us and sipped his beer. His cock sticking straight up hard. I winked at him, then turned back into his submissive’s cunt.

I slid two fingers into her wet… moving my tongue to her clit, ring and all… and I went right for her G-Spot and pressed… hard. She nearly fell over and clung to my head.

I had another idea.

I left my fingers inside her, but got myself off the ground and pulled her, by her cunt, over towards the pool. As we walked by her Master, he said she was such a good girl… and she was, indeed. When we got to the edge of the pool by the steps, I kissed her softly and coo’d to her she was a very good girl.

I asked her Master if he could please bring a couple of towels for her to sit on and, as he did, I stepped onto the first step in the water, fingers still inside her (resting), told her to sit down on the towels. She complied immediately.

Her Master sat himself next to his subbie girl, cock still hard; he dangled his feet in the water.

He stroked himself while watching me eat her pussy and fuck her with my hand.

jacking off gif

She came sweetly in my mouth, holding her Master’s hand and looking him in the eye. I lifted up and looked at that cock. It begged to be serviced.

“May I?”

He leaned back. I had my answer.




Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Part 4) coming soon!

Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Part 2)

In Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Part 1), I met a D/s couple, the woman Owned, wearing a lovely choker showing her position. After being invited into their dining space, we verbally danced around before becoming more intimate, my eventually being invited to their home, presumably to see their Dungeon.

Plunging In

They gave me their address . . . → Read More: Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Part 2)

Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Part 1)


A couple of days ago, I took myself to Brunch at a local specialty breakfast/lunch restaurant. Interestingly, I was seated by a couple that caught my attention right away.

How I Knew

They were sitting in a deuce (a table for two), the woman facing me, the man across from her. They were clearly . . . → Read More: Kinky Sex Pick-Up (Part 1)

Fantasies Including Your (Unsuspecting) Wife

Fantasy Play

Many of you, if not most, never speak about your Significant Other. I sometimes hear about a former one after a divorce, especially if it pertains to your kink or fetish (and that makes me quite sad that something so healthy ended a marriage, but that’s a topic for another day).

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Mistress Foot Worship


Living in Miami, I typically wear open-toed sandals or wedge-heeled shoes. It’s just so darned hot! However, when I know I am going to be meeting with one of you delightful foot fetish boys or girls, I am devilish and will throw on some pantyhose or stockings before heading out for the day.

Foot . . . → Read More: Mistress Foot Worship

An Ass Is Not a Jewelry Box!


This post is particularly for those who are curious about or already enjoy ass play. Although it is not about ass play per se, let it call your attention to the great importance and seriousness of anal play safety.

If All Else Fails, Hide the Ill-Gotten Booty In YOUR Booty?!?! My, What an Odd . . . → Read More: An Ass Is Not a Jewelry Box!

Sissy Shares Her Strategy for Stealth


I began writing this post before June 12, 2016 when the Pulse shooting in Orlando occurred. I am hyper-aware of the apprehension… worries… even terror… several of you have already expressed to me… with thoughts of something similar happening while you are out-of-town dressed to the nines. I could not possibly discuss this distress in this . . . → Read More: Sissy Shares Her Strategy for Stealth

Sissy Maid for Mistress (Guest Post: Mistress Christine!)

Mistress Christine

You’ll Need A Sissy Maid’s Outfit

You love your new outfit, don’t you?

Every sissy should work on her service skills of course, but she should also have her look down pat. So for today’s assignment, I’m going to transform you into a sissy maid.  You are to purchase a maid . . . → Read More: Sissy Maid for Mistress (Guest Post: Mistress Christine!)

Update on My Cherry Cuckold Couple

Cuckold Trio

I wrote about a couple I helped initiate into the world of cuckolding in Cuckold Couple Pops Their Cherry, a story told in three parts.

I’d befriended them at a Sex Party and helped pick out a luscious Big Black Cock (BBC) Bull for them to lose their vanilla marriage virginity with. It was an awesome . . . → Read More: Update on My Cherry Cuckold Couple

Mistress Cocktease Lets You Not Cum

Mistress Cocktease Lets You Not Cum

I want to thank Ms. Daphne for having me guestpost on her blog. She does know what a true cocktease I am!

Back In The Cockteasing Mood

Now that we finished off with Masturbation May, and are back to denial or delay and LOTS of teasing, I am . . . → Read More: Mistress Cocktease Lets You Not Cum