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SPH: A Dick’s Biggest Fear

In “Scanning the Sex Party Participants,” I began the story of part of my evening at the Sex Party a couple of weeks ago. Ending with my peering into a man’s silk shorts, then demanding he take those boxers off.

“He inhaled deeply, then pushed his pants downward…. “That’s IT?! That’s all you’ve got to offer?! No fucking wonder you were hiding your genitals!” I began laughing… and the more I laughed, the larger the crowd around us grew. Grew… something his little tiny dicklette, clearly had not done.”

SPH: The Laughingstock

It was clear this older man really got off on people laughing at him, it was yummy that 10-12 of my friends created a half-circle around us, this guy the literal center of SPH attention.

Standing next to him, I wanted a closer look, couldn’t quite see what had (not) grown between his legs. And he was some paunchy which kind of sucks up the skin as well.

People were around us, chuckling and I asked, “May I?” pointing down to his groin. “Yes, Mistress,” he said. Ha! He had quickly deduced my place in our brand new relationship (however long or short it might be).

A Closer Look

I knelt down, examining him -without touching- (who wants to do anything with something that small?!). Looking up at his face, then down to his dicklette, then up to his face again… then turning my head sideways trying to grasp what I was (or was not) seeing.

“Are you… uh, castrated?”

The 7-8 people still there around us busted out laughing. He stammered, “No, ma’am,” and used his hands to lift his junk-ette up and, for fuck’s sake, he did have balls. Well, almonds, maybe? I could never really call them testicles. snortylaugh When he dropped his flesh, the tiny nuts disappeared from view once again. I shook my head tsk tsk tsking before standing up.

Bring Out the Colander

I said earlier, he was erect from all this SPH attention, but let me clarify. pondering  I think “erect” is an overstatement. His tiny micro-micro penis was more like a piece of penne pasta, kind of al dente.

But, it was not the kind of pasta anyone would want to nibble on. Or put in their pussies.

For much of the night, if I saw this man, I would take him to one of the sex scenes going on and have him masturbate for everyone while they stopped to watch. (The way he touched himself deserves a post of its own. Have you ever watched a man with a teeny dicklette rub rub rub-a-dub-dub? Funny as all get out!)

Everyone had a great time; they with hilarity at seeing something so odd and our penne-boy getting his delicious quotient of SPH.

As usual, I had the very best time of all!


Scanning the Sex Party Participants

I went to a Sex Party with my subby boy a couple of weeks ago, thinking we’d have some fun together. What I did not expect was to meet an older gentleman with whom I could taunt, tease and embarrass.

All because of his teeny tiny dick.

Setting the Stage

During Introductions, folks disclose . . . → Read More: Scanning the Sex Party Participants

My subby boy’s Sex Party “Participation”

In My subby boy at the Sex Party, we left off here:

On the bed was one woman and two men, completely naked of course. There was another woman standing beside the bed, tightening a harness around her waist….

And I asked what did you, the reader think we saw. Now, I get to tell . . . → Read More: My subby boy’s Sex Party “Participation”

My subby boy at the Sex Party

I have this real life subby boy who is 2 decades younger than I, and while I keep him kinkily occupied, this Saturday night past was his first Sex Party. He was a nervous wreck… and I fucking loved it.

Subby Boy’s Prep

I took my boy to get waxed first thing in the . . . → Read More: My subby boy at the Sex Party

National Senior Health & Fitness Day (Never Too Old for Sex)

One topic not often discussed is sex when one gets to be a senior, a “mature” adult, older… even plain old.

Sex As a Senior

Many of you know I go to Sex Parties. I don’t think I have ever shared anything about the age ranges at these wonderful parties, however.

I have . . . → Read More: National Senior Health & Fitness Day (Never Too Old for Sex)

National Brown Bag-It Day (Mistress’ Command)

The Mistress and I had long ago severed our relationship. I missed her every single day.

Once a Mistress….

One day at work, we passed each other in a hall, around the corner from her office that’s off the beaten path. For the first time ever, she looked me in the eye.

“Stop,” . . . → Read More: National Brown Bag-It Day (Mistress’ Command)

Happy National Nylon Stocking Day!

And during Masturbation May!


There really is a day for your most especial fetish!

Celebrating National Nylon Stocking Day!

I think you should go shopping for some new nylon stockings. Get the most expensive, luxurious kind you can afford. As you’re driving home, consider the options for how you could masturbate with . . . → Read More: Happy National Nylon Stocking Day!

A Tour of the Exam Table (Medical Fetish)

When I lead you into the exam room, you see it… over there….

The Exam Table; the altar of the medical world.

standard exam table

I hand you a clean (but ugly) cotton hospital gown and ask you to undress and put it on, open in the back. I leave the room and you . . . → Read More: A Tour of the Exam Table (Medical Fetish)

Sex Party Slut – Come Watch With Me!

Oh, yeah… I went to a Sex Party a couple of weeks ago!

Sex Party Slut… Without Sex?

The limitations? I had some pretty extensive dental work done on the Friday before the Saturday party, so was not able to do anything oral. No blow jobs. No eating pussy. Not even any cum eating . . . → Read More: Sex Party Slut – Come Watch With Me!

Sneaking Cock

Oh, yeah… I know you’re married (or in a committed relationship) because you tell me each time you call.

Hunger That Doesn’t Quit

You are still putting ads out, skulking around the local Adult Bookstore and cruising guys at work… all in the hope of finding a dick to suck. A dick that is, . . . → Read More: Sneaking Cock