Gentle Warning: Flashing Lights in this “Accidental CFNM” Post


You who love Clothed Female/Naked Male fantasies (or realities!) know all about being naked at the doctor’s office or during surgery. Medical CFNM seems to be the most common form CFNM takes in real life. But what if you had an accidental CFNM experience? What might that be like?

Choreographing an “Accidental” CFNM

What if you went for a photo shoot so you could get a new head shot for your work portfolio. You already talked to the female photographer and she was gung ho for doing your pictures. It wasn’t going to be that much money, so you booked the appointment.

That day, you showered and shaved… everywhere, because that’s what you’ve been doing for years… and did your hair especially carefully, wanting to look great for your portrait. You drove carefully the hour to get to her studio and when you entered, it was the picture of professionalism.

Bright umbrella lights sprinkled around the main room and a couple of smaller ones in side-rooms off the biggest photography area. The floor in each room was different. In the small rooms, one floor was white and in the other, black. The main room had a heavy white sheet on the floor, the rolls and drops as if they were the ocean. You hoped that would be the one you’d be in because it was the warmest and most friendly, plants here and there in the huge room and a flat-topped barstool in the middle of the floor.

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Handsomely, you were so glad you chose the black blazer with lovely cerulean blue tie. You knew that would look great. Looking at the walls, you saw head shots, pictures of wedding couples, and even a couple of puppies. Cute!

“Follow me. I’ll Show You Where You Can
Take Off Your Clothes.”

Looking around to see who else was there, you saw the lovely photographer was talking to you! 

“Excuse me? I think you must have me confused with someone else.”

“Are you the gentleman who needs the work portrait?”

“I am, but I thought I was going to wear this. I dressed for the occasion.”

She seemed to snicker behind her hand and said, “Oh, no. I have something much better for you to wear. Here, go behind this screen and disrobe. I’ll bring the outfit right to you.”

Very confused, you go behind the screen and take your clothes off. There were hangers on a metal rack and you hung your clothes neatly, waiting for her to come back.

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Instead, you heard her say, “Come on out! I’m ready for you out here.” 

You consider re-dressing and leaving, grabbing your shirt to cover yourself and walking out there, or just bravely going out naked. You decide the naked route was the better one and step out from behind the screen, out into the room that now has blazing lights coming from the umbrella lamps. Little did you know, you were about to have an “accidental” CFNM experience

“Over here,” she says, pointing to the middle of the sheeted floor you’d hoped your pictures would be done on.

Getting to the “Heat” of Your Accidental CFNM

You feel the heat of the lights and, to your intense embarrassment, your cock starts to stir. It takes a few moments for you to realize how turned on you are that you are naked and she is not. You quickly put both hands over your hardening dick. Suddenly, you feel so vulnerable! There she is, holding a camera and she clearly expects you to remain naked in the middle of the room.

She takes aim and begins clicking away. You try to ask her what is going on, but you are loving this so much, your voice eeks out like a mouse. She ignores you and pushes a button that begins playing all the sexy songs you’ve know since you were young. They were LOUD!

Accidental CFNM Phone Sex Mistress Daphne (800) 601-6975

“Pose for me,” she commands.

You dare not disobey her, clearly beginning to enjoy this game she is playing. Deciding to go along for the ride, you begin to pose. Your cock, standing straight up now, is the main attention grabber. 

“Mmmmm,” she says. “Hold your cock, you know, like you are jerking off first thing in the morning.” 

This turns you on so much you’re afraid you’re going to cum on the pristine sheet you’re standing on.

She reads your mind and says, “You wouldn’t be the first one,” and continues flashing her camera.

This embarrasses you, but your dick feels so good! You, naked in front of this beautiful woman who’s clearly enjoying herself taking pictures of you. Looking in her eye, you start stroking. 

“Did I tell you to do that?” she asks.

“Ummm, no, but I thought you wanted that.”

“I’ll tell you exactly what I want and when.”

Suddenly, her voice was authoritative and almost harsh. You didn’t know yet, but she was quite the Femdom. You pulled your hand away from your now oozing-pre-cum cock and stand stock still.

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The Finished Product

Not two minutes later, just as your dick started to deflate, she began putting you in all these different poses, including showing your asshole to the camera. Embarrassed as hell, you went for it, not wanting to piss her off again. It actually turned out to be kind of fun, following her directions. You’d never taken a direction from anyone in your entire life, but here you were, taking them from a strange woman you picked out of a directory. Once again, your cock was rock hard.

“Sit on the floor with your legs spread. And jack off for me.”

You didn’t dare hesitate for a second and did exactly as she said. This woman dressed so professionally and you naked as a jaybird. Your hand found your dick and you began to stroke. You had not cum this morning, so were eager to see if this woman was going to take shots of your shots.

The photographer came closer and closer to you as you got closer and closer to orgasming. You couldn’t believe how turned on you were by the situation. Knowing this was called Clothed Female/Naked Male hadn’t happened yet, but before the end of the day, you absolutely would know what it is.

Overstimulated, you came so fucking hard, it almost hit her camera. She laughed but didn’t move, taking picture after picture. When you’d finished cumming, she told you to go get dressed and she would take your money up front. 

A Surprising Goodbye

Once dressed, when you walked up to the front, the sheet had been changed into a similar one. You knew there would be more of this “Accidental” CFNM going on the rest of the day. At the front desk, you saw a movie showing on the wall and looked over your shoulder to see what it was.

It was your entire session! She’d been videotaping it as well as using her camera.

She laughed again, gave you your receipt, and ushered you out the door.

Accidental CFNM Phone Sex Mistress Daphne (800) 601-6975