I went to Daytona Beach for the Daytona 500 last week and it fucking rained out the races, shoving them all to February 19th. What could we do to occupy our time but drink and shoot the bull with each other? We did a lot of that, but you know me… I NEED sex to stay alive and have not had enough naughtiness in my life lately, so I coordinated a spontaneous sexy party!

Sexy Party, Anyone?

It started in my friend’s enormous suite at the hotel. It was 4 bedrooms! I had not been in a suite that big in ages and I had forgotten how opulent they were. Amazing furnishings, feather comforters and pillows, the fixtures so shiny and bright; I was in heaven. Of course I had to act like I lived in something like this. (I sure wish I did!) We all had nice clothes, which we did all the time that weekend. No sitting around in panties and topless like I do at home in the summertime. I had my really pretty deep purple tight dress on with the slit almost to my hip. It was short-short, too. I felt so sexy in it… and couldn’t wait to show it off after I was dressed.

At the huge suite, we were seated in the dining room for dinner… all 15 of us. When I say this place was palatial, I am not kidding. I sat inbetween two men I had just met that night, and were they ever yummy. When I sat down, my grape-colored dress moved up my legs juuuuust barely hiding my pussy underneath. That’s right. I did not wear panties or a bra! I really felt naughty and had begun formulating a plan to create a sexy party even as I was getting dressed earlier. 

During dinner, I casually reached over to the man on my left and rubbed his knee. When he didn’t pull away, but looked at me and winked, I kept going. Up his thigh and onto his cock hidden in those expensive, neatly pressed trousers of his. He spread his legs apart. If nothing else, I knew I was going to suck that sweet dick later that night. 

But I wanted more!

Touch, Tease, Repeat

I did the same with the guy on my right and, delightfully, he responded the same way! Wondering how many women were doing the same, I got hotter and hotter. I was getting the man on my left to squirm and I knew he would soon have to excuse himself to masturbate. Well, I wasn’t going to let that happen. 

I wanted still more!

I started talking to the gent on my right, a little too loudly, saying how delicious everybody looked and how they were turning me on. While I kept talking about someone’s hands and the women’s breasts, I knew the conversation around me was quieting down, but I kept talking. 

Just as a new bottle of champagne was opened, I pretended to be embarrassed by my forward-ness. However, I could almost see the others drooling into their crystal glasses.


“Hmmm,” I said to the group, “Does anyone feeling like getting naughty tonight?”

I laughed inside as the faces turned red, but knew that underneath that table, cocks were hardening and women were juicing up.

Sexy Party Begins

I kicked the sex party off by standing up, taking a sip of my champagne, and lifting my dress off my naked body. Chairs began pushing back, and to my utter delight, clothes started being shed. Before 10 minutes was up, all but one of the people there was naked. The 15th person, excused herself and left the suite. I shrugged. “One less woman means more for me.”

Within 20 minutes, we had gathered into a huddle, albeit standing, and started groping each other. Deep tongue kisses went from person to person. Hands got tangled touching breasts, cocks, balls. It was a yummy game of Twister without the mat or spinner.

Of course, I was the first to kneel and take a dick in my mouth. I had scoped out who had the biggest dick (if you know me, I only play with dicks 8.5 inches and bigger) and got down on my knees, opening my mouth, and began giving one of my perfect blow jobs. My movement flowed to the others and, still in the dining room, we drifted to the largest bedroom. I felt like I was in a swarm of sexy bees, floating through the suite with everyone still touching, licking, and sucking each other.

When we entered the room, the gaggle broke up into twos and threes. And fours. And fives. Then twos again. We drifted back and forth from dick to pussy to tits. Then to ties being found and wrapped around someone’s wrists. Another tie became a blindfold. I loved where this was going. 

And Onward Through the Night

I’ve been to many dozens of sexy parties, but this impromptu one was was of the best ever. We tangled ourselves over and over again, every once in awhile in that main huddle again.

By the end of the night, we were all covered in cum… from men and women alike. Our mouths had been filled with sexy juices and lovely nipples. People started drifting back out to their clothes, tiredly getting dressed, and kissing everyone (yes, everyone!) goodnight as they quietly went back to their own rooms.

The next day at the 4pm race, most of us shared one of the premium boxes that had been awarded us and we giggled and smiled, but did not touch because there were others there. But we remembered.

And the Daytona 500 will never be thought of the same again.