There’s a lot of talk about Gooning… but there is definitely the opposite of gooning and that is dry-balling. What? You don’t know what those words mean? Let me enlighten you!


Gooning is a term that means masturbating and masturbating and masturbating, but not having an orgasm. For some, that might sound like torture, but for others, it is an almost continuous edging that feels amazing. Then letting the cock rest for a few moments or minutes or longer and then picking up where they left off.

I hear you asking why someone would do that… how uncomfortable that has to be! Actually, it can be seen as a form of meditation for some people. Not everyone gets into a spiritual or contemplative space while gooning, but enough do that being in that place takes on a magical quality. Being in that place really is hypnotic for some folks. The stroking itself, the up and down up and down up and down, over and over for hours is almost like watching a swinging pocket watch that leads to complete seduction.

For others, it is just a way to take control of their orgasms. It can be a form of self-punishment for chronic masturbating. A self-inflicted penance for touching themselves more than they want to. Can you imagine vengeance on your own cock in a more dramatic way?

What if you had a Mistress (me!) who allowed you to masturbate but not orgasm. Would that take you to Nirvana or would that be the ultimate example of submission to your Domme? Wherever it would take you, I adore the frustration aspects of gooning.

Dry Balling

Now we move the opposite of gooning and that is Dry Balling, aka sperm depletion.. If you already know what this is, I can see you clutching your testicles trying to protect them from me. Keep trying!

Let me enlighten you folks who do not know what this is. Dry balling is having one orgasm after another after another and again… until your dick no longer spits out cum. How many ejaculations in quick succession does it take to get to the dry part of your balls? Your guess is as good as mine. That’s why it’s so fucking fun! I love to count the times you cum, then begin to dribble… before there is nothing but the exquisite pain of stroking and orgasms.

Don’t get me wrong, the masturbation itself feels good. You will need a good lubricant after the first or second time you are stroking, there really is a delicious sort of pain the more you ejaculate.

Adding to my fun with your dry balling is when we can do it on Skype and I can watch you in your pleasure to discomfort to misery. Don’t you want your Mistress to have fun, too? Yes, I knew you did. I’m thinking we should schedule a dry balling session so both of us can have a bit of a chuckle. Until you are crying, that is.

Gooning or Dry Balling… Which Would You Choose?

If you had to make a choice between gooning or dry balling, which would you choose? Would you choose to masturbate and not cum? Or would you go for the dry balling, cumming until you are dry?

Ah, there is the Mistress. She makes the ultimate decisions right? You know what I think?

“How about both!”

Let me know which you would choose in the comments. I am very curious!