I just LOVE when you’re in the car with me. You know how we love our drives together, right? Especially when you get frisky and want some attention from me. I laugh as I open the roof (it’s hot down here still) and can immediately see the erection in your pants.

We stop at a stoplight in the middle of nowhere and I reach over and undo your britches. Your cock pops out and I clap with glee. I get a naughty idea and when the light changes, I vroom forward, then pull off to the side behind a sand dune. 

“Get down on the floorboard, sweetheart.”

You tear your pants off fast and dive down below my feet. I watch as you lay that cock of yours on my gas pedal. Once you are in place, I turn the car back on, surprising you, and then I go driving down the beach. It’s nice and quiet… except for your delicious moans.

Here’s a delightful Erotic Audio for you!