You’ve told me you have hungry fantasies of being a cuckold. The idea of being a submissive to your wife makes your head swirl with desire and your cock get stiffer than looking at any Playboy Centerfold. But when you want to be a cuckold, what do you do when your wife refuses to be a Hotwife?

How Far Do You Want Cuckolding to Go?

Is your idea of being a cuckold, watching your wife have sex with other men? If so, the thought can be extremely arousing.

Imagine being outside the door, it cracked a tiny bit, your one eye peeking through as she enjoys a huge cock. You are not even a thought in her exploding clit. She’s having all the fun in the world that your little cock cannot possibly give her.

Maybe your wife put you in the closet to watch with her full knowledge (and permission). You hear her meeting her date downstairs and your cock cannot keep still so you rub and touch, but you’ve been given instructions to not cum under penalty of never watching again. You wonder if you could cum and lick it up to hide it, then cum again later for her. Look at the machinations you are wanting to do to get this glimpse at her utter pleasure.

Perhaps you have images of yourself in chastity, she holding the key on a necklace around her neck. The thought of having her take complete control over your cock with a chastity cage is arousing beyond measure. You think about the secret you would be hiding in your underwear. Maybe she would put you in panties, too!

Yet, Your Wife Refuses to Be a Hotwife

You’ve given her several reasons to become your Mistress, but still, she refuses to be a Hotwife. 

You tell her how delightful it would be to watch her be with other men and you would sacrifice your lifetime in bed having sex with her to see her be pleasured by other men.

You “accidentally” leave cuckold porn playing on your home office computer. Of course, she will go in and turn it off. Maybe she’ll watch for a few minutes and get some ideas?

Telling her about your tiny dick and how a real man can fill her better than you ever could looks like it might work, but she brings up things like, “What would the neighbors think?”

What Do You Do in the Meantime?

While you are still playing your long game, that’s what I am here for. We will talk all of these scenarios out, and more, and I will gladly take the role of Hotwife.

I would be glad to put you in chastity… in a cage or without.

I would totally put that cute ass of yours in panties. I can direct you, as any good Mistress would, to be the perfect husband.

Even if your wife doesn’t know you are being subservient to her, I will teach you how to honor her as if she were your Hotwife.


Are You Ready for Your Part of the Training?

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