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“Let me hold

some of your shame;

I will give you

much of my love.”

                         – Daphne

Sissy Monthly Cycle: Training Week 5

On Saturday, February 19, 2020, Marica and I met at a Big Box Store at 8:00am. She had no idea what we were there for, but she would soon find out all about the Sissy Monthly Cycle and needing Feminine Hygiene products. What is a Sissy Monthly Cycle? Not every sissy...

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FUNNY Life Hacks for Sanitary Pads & Tampons

Yesterday's subject with Marica, my sissy-in-training, was Sissy Feminine Hygiene, sissy cycles and such. As I'm working on the blog post, I couldn't help but start with a separate one that had the two of us cracking up. Marica was freaking out about seeing sanitary...

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Week 4 Sissy Training (More Sex Toys)

Last week, Marica started learning about sex toys. It is interesting how I thought getting acclimated to sex toys would be better than teaching her how to walk like a girl or walk in heels. Sex toys are an enormous part of a sissy's life and Marica would be no...

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