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“Let me hold

some of your shame;

I will give you

much of my love.”

                         – Daphne

Emasculation of a Cuckold Cum Slut

What do you do when the "man" you are speaking with brings up the idea of total emasculation? What if he isn't a real man, but a Cuckold Cum Slut? Cuckold Cum Slut Confession This is exactly what happened with a client Mistress Erika and I share. (Be sure to read Ms....

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Buy Me a Valentine & Get One Back!

LDW has a way for you to buy your favorite Mistresses a surprise Valentine and I wanted to add something special to mine if you were to give  me one. ❤ If I get a Valentine from you on Valentine's Day, I will send you a personal THANK YOU Audio by the end of February....

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Get Your Mistress a Valentine Card (Here’s How!)

The lovely Mistresses in Charge here at LDW have created a wonderful way for you to share your loving thoughts with your Mistress or Mistresses. Click HERE to see how to do it! A monetary gift goes with each card. How sweet is that? Oh, and don't forget the...

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