In Sissy Pageant (Part 1), I shared about the beginning part of the evening. I described the flowers and candles and how beautiful we all looked. Then it was complete sissy chaos as we lifted our heavy gowns and showed off our under-lingerie. Wheee!

Here is Part 2:

The Bridal Party

After the hilarity and chaos of the Evening Gowns and all of our lingerie, we gathered our wits about us during an intermission. Then Vivaldi’s Four Seasons began to play, as always, starting with “Spring.” 

As we took our seats again, this time with golden champagne, slowly, those adorable sissies started filing out with different dresses on. I had thought the evening was over with the gowns and cocktail dresses, but I was quite wrong. Round two had begun.

You know how when you look through the different Bridal magazines, you can see some truly beautiful and then some tragically heinous dresses on the Bridesmaids? This presentation was no different.


The Bridesmaids’ Gowns

First, a gorgeous cantaloupe-colored chiffon gown flowed down the red carpet. The billowing sleeves were rimmed with rhinestones and the plunging neckline also had rhinestones outlining it. The spotlight on the gown threw rainbows around the room and I considered trying to catch one. When she came closer, I noticed the heels she had on. They were the exact color of the dress, letting me know that she had gone all out, dyeing the shoes so they would be a perfect match.

The next gown was a honeydew melon green, soft-colored, but definitely a light green. When she started down the aisle and past the sissy in the orange sherbet color, I thought, “Now those are two melons I would love to eat!” I looked around at the company I was with and hollered my thoughts to the room and everyone laughed, the two melon sissies included. The sissy girl in the green did not have matching shoes, but they were a pretty cream with 3-inch glitter heels. Oh, and she did have a lovely sissy tiara on her head.

After the light green beauty, came an absolutely garish piece of fluffball in bubblegum pink. It had huge ruffles around the waist, down to the knees. The matching sleeves made me think she was going to dance the rumba at any moment. Even though it was an amplified view of what a woman might wear, the sissies freakin’ LOVED it! How much fun would that be to twirl around in? I called her over and had her sit on my lap and she did the most yummy lap dance I had ever had.


Lovely Shoes for the Sissies

All of the girls that evening could walk in their shoes. I was quite surprised by this since sissies usually struggle walking in heels. Well, unless they are able to be sissies full-time or sissy maids. I could tell these ladies had practiced hard for this occasion and I thanked each of them profusely for their hard work.

Regarding the orange-dyed shoes above, did you know there are bridal shoes that are dyeable to any color? They are called Dyeable Shoes and come in infinite styles. If you ever have a pretty dress you can’t find the right color shoes for, consider dyeing them!


Bridalwear Connection

The entire evening, I wondered where all these dresses came from. Apparently, my dear hostess knew the owner of a chain of Bridalwear and she loaned the dresses out if we had them professionally cleaned afterwards. Deal! And, of course, finding elegant shoes in larger sizes was another challenge, but the Bridalwear store owner had connections to getting anything in any size she needed. Believe me, we tipped her way beyond anything she could have gotten.


“Passing” or Not

What was cool was seeing all these amazing sissies, most of whom would not “pass” for a ciswoman, but none of us cared! These were girls in every sense of the word. Everyone’s beauty just shown through and that was what was important, not some societal standard that hardly anyone can meet… trans or cis!


Sissy Pageant (Part 3)

The last installment of the Sissy Pageant will be playing “The Wedding March” and you will get to see an elegant beauty walk down the aisle in an exquisite wedding gown.

Tell me, if you had the chance to do a Sissy Pageant like this, would you?


Audio about passing for you sissies below!