Sissies spend a great deal of time talking about panties, but what about tiaras? I think we need some equal time.

Tiara Needs

We talk about wearing panties so much here at LDW. Mistresses have everything from advice to assignments on how to acquire, hide, wear and clean panties and other pieces of lingerie, but what if you have the ability to have some privacy in your life and can get something that can make you feel even more like a sissy Princess?

A tiara can be just the thing.


Tiara in Your Price Range

It might seem frivolous at first, but I promise, once you have one and have worn it on your head, looked at yourself for an hour in the mirror… even pranced around like Miss America… you will wonder how you ever lived without one. Be sure to keep going down the list as I lower the prices for acquiring your very own tiara,

Out of This World

I think most of us can forget about buying an antique tiara (or crown) like the one above. They can be several millions of dollars… much more than a couple of pairs of panties.

But, there are more affordable alternatives out there, and many could fool some pretty discerning eyes.


If you are able to keep your tiara for years, spending a few hundred dollars might not be a bad idea, but even that can be out of range for a lot of us.


$15 Tiara

You can get tiaras from $5 to $100 all over the Internet. Google “Cheap Tiaras” and watch what pops up for you!


If you are in a place in your life where you are not able to have a permanent tiara, perhaps a live flower wreath could fill the bill for a day of fun alone. If you are not crafty (I am not!), you can have a local florist create one for you, either with the flowers you choose or just letting them surprise you.


Many people find making head wreaths to be a truly fulfilling experience before wearing their homemade creation. You can use silk or live flowers… make sure you add plenty of hanging ribbon!

Single Flower Option


Even if a flower tiara is impossible, you girls (and guys!) can feel extra pretty by using a single flower behind your ear for your day of dressing up. Remember, behind the right means you are not in a relationship… left (think wedding ring) means you are in a relationship.

New Discovery

In researching this post, I found a new trend I wanted to share. Look at this!

How cool is that?!

So, how will YOU wear your tiara? No matter what way you choose to go, it will be perfect for you, helping you feel pretty as a Princess for a day.