Mistresses Delia and Mandy and I share a bi-gender client who happens to be out walking on one of the country’s major trails in the United States. When I say “walking,” I mean trekking. Hundreds of miles. He has already walked over 800 miles with no end in sight. He sends us pictures when he has cell service, sharing beautiful (un-retouched) ones like these.

Sissy Shoes

So when we Mistresses got these shoe photos, I knew exactly what we needed to do.


If you know fashion at all, girls, you know Alexander McQueen’s ultra-feminine clothes and how beautiful they are. One of his trademark themes is butterflies, this dress being one of my favorites:

Alexander McQueen

So wouldn’t these shoes look amazing with that dress?

I sure think so!

Be creative, my sissy sisters! Use your imagination.

Thanks to our client for sharing his amazing journey through words and pictures with us Mistresses… and allowing me to share them here.