A long time ago, I began writing about the glorious Sissy Pageant I attended in August, but I never finished the series. So here I am… finishing what I started with The Sissy Bride.

You can read the first 2 installments here: Sissy Pageant Part 1 and Sissy Pageant Part 2. Then come back and read:

Here Comes the Sissy Bride!

The culmination of the evening began with The Wedding March being played and a glorious Sissy Bride being escorted down the aisle by a Transman.

While all of the evening was filled with joy and a lot of laughter, this last section started with a beautiful sense of awe. Our sissy was amazingly gorgeous!


The white gown flowed behind her and she looked like she’d just stepped off the wedding cake. I was envious of that beautiful dress!

A little tidbit about me: I was married once. I did not wear white.

When our sissy bride walked into the room, everyone gasped. Remember, we had already been treated to many other sissies in gorgeous gowns and COCK-tail dresses. So it really took a stunner to elicit those ooh’s and ah’s.

Mistress of Ceremony Shifts the Sissy Energy Sideways

We all in the audience really thought this was going to be an elegant ending to a lovely evening. Even though we had some naughtiness with the evening gowns earlier in the night, the bridesmaids and now the bride were the height of decorum.

That was until our Mistress of Ceremonies, Ms. Lalani, got up on the stage with her microphone in her hand. I know I expected her to talk about the designer gown, who donated the flowers… things like that. But when she opened her mouth and said, “Our bride thinks she’s a virgin, but we are going to take care of that. Not in the marriage bed, but right in front of our eyes!”


You have to imagine the hoots and hollers that came from us! All tones from high sopranos to low baritones, laughing, clapping, and whistling. We could hardly wait!

Our bride’s face was priceless. She had no idea she was going to lose that cherry in public. She’d been preparing for her long-time boyfriend to have butt sex, for the first time, privately, in their wedding suite.

The surprise was on her!

Our Submissive Bride Bends Over

Out “cums” her boyfriend of many years, who is now her husband, and he says into the microphone, “Darling sissy-wife, you are so lovely. I want you badly! I’ve waited 3 years for you to be ready for penetration. We knew it would be tonight, so get ready, my dearest sissy bride! Bend over!”

And She Did!

She bent over the head table, ass out towards the room. What cute panties she had on! But that wasn’t quite what we were looking at. Her new husband walked off the stage as he began pulling his dick out of his pants. I swear I saw a cute flash of pink underneath. Was he wearing panties, too? What a cute couple they were going to make!

The room was in complete chaos with everyone yelling instructions to them (as if they needed it) or just with a general cacophony of happiness and anticipation for what we were about to see.

I, ever the helpful one, pulled my Astroglide out of my purse and dashed up to the happy couple.


Goosh and Push

I held the lube out and squished it on the groom’s dick. By this time, his pants were off and sure as hell, he had a pair of pink panties on! He pulled his enormous cock out of the material, I squirted, then he caressed his lover’s sissy ass.

Leaning into her, he slid that cock into her boy pussy and began to fuck his new sissy wife.

She was not a sissy virgin anymore.