Waiting for you…

…when you came home from work today, there on the bed was a Maid’s uniform, including the apron…


…along with a pair of granny panties…

and support bra.

You also saw the pair of thick support stockings.

And then the shoes. These shoes were hideous!

Not quite the picture of sexy French Maid you always had in mind, right? Who was this for?

“Maid” for You

Then you noticed the card with your name on it tucked up on your pillow. Opening it, you read:

Put this on… or else. 

That was it.

That was it?

Never having done this before, you were completely confused. What did “or else” mean? Instead of overthinking it, like you usually would, you took your work clothes off and began putting this Maid outfit on. Everything looked ridiculous, but the “or else” resonated in your mind and you did not want to find out what that meant.

You looked at yourself in the mirror once you were dressed and busted out laughing at how crazy you looked. But before you could stop, there was your wife… with another man!… standing in the doorway of the bedroom.

“Something funny?” she asked?

You quickly answered, “No.”

“No, MA’AM,” she ordered.

Humiliation on the Menu

It didn’t take but 2 seconds before you got the gist of what was about to happen.

  • You SERVING your wife her meal and dessert
  • You WATCHING her and her date enjoy their evening together
  • You CLEANING up the mess afterwards
  • Lather, Rinse, Repeat

In one outfit, you have become…

…the Cuckold Maid.