Two decades of being a midwife… and kinky… I have some naughty ideas of what to do to you in the doctor’s office. Clothed Female/Naked Male aka CFNM is so much fun with you folks! You think you are going to get an exam gown? Or a drape? Are you kidding?

CFNM in the Exam Room

cfnm Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

The first thing I say to you, before “How are you doing today?” is “Take your clothes off.” Not even a please! Just a direct order. I love how you are waiting for me to leave the room, but I sit down in my chair at my desk, turned half sideways so I can see you. And you know I can see you.

You just stand there, confused about what to do and I turn towards you and say, once again, “Remove your clothes. You can hang them on the hat rack over there.” The hat rack is about 10 feet away from where you are standing.

CFNM Means Get Naked, Boy

cfnm Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

“Um, may I have a gown, Ma’am?”

“I find it much easier to do exams without a gown on the patient. That way I can be sure I cover all the areas and can see how your body reacts to different stimuli.”

I see the incredulous look on your face, but I also watch as you slowly begin to undress standing next to the hat rack. You see the exam table is now about 12 feet from where you are, realizing you will be walking across the room without clothes on. I turn in my chair so I can watch you do a slow striptease for me. Your face is crimson with embarrassment which causes a gush of wet to dampen my panties. When you are naked, I stand, cross my arms and watch as you walk to the exam table. I see, not only your intense shame, but your excitement since, behind those hands you are using to hide your privates, I can see your cock poking out from behind your fingers. It is already erect.

Very good.

CFNM Examination Time

cfnm Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

I get you up onto the table and then begin examining you. ALL of you. Inch by inch, I crawl my fingers over your body, pinching your nipples “to see if they get erect properly,” then moving my way down, down… to… you know exactly where.

I glove and then fondle your genitals, “checking to make sure everything works properly,” of course. I take your cock in both hands and begin giving you a handjob, all in the name of “making sure you are in working order.” When your erection gives up some pre-cum, I dip a finger into it and bring it to my mouth and lick it. “I have to taste it and make sure the consistency is correct.”

Suddenly being naked in front of a clothed woman doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Until I put your feet in the stirrups and set up for the prostate exam. Then you will find new levels of embarrassment.

I can’t wait.