Your First Femdom Mistress Call

You’re nervous making that first Femdom Mistress call, your hands are shaking and you’re worried your voice will be, too.

When your Mistress tells you her name and asks for yours, you are already on the way to fulfilling the fantasy you have always dreamt about.

Femdom Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Range of Femdom Mistresses

Whether you are looking for a harsh Domme or a gentle, mind-bending sensual one, LDW has one (or many!) different Femdom Mistress for you.

Do you want my leash attached to your collar and yank you around with me while my girlfriends laugh at your tiny dick or you in your princess dress? Do you need to be told how to hold your dick as you jerk off? How about talked up and down with edging, letting it be MY call whether you orgasm or not? Do you love to be humiliated? Or even moreso, degraded? Do you enjoy Giantess play? What about Sploshing? Want to learn to be a Cum Eater? A Cock Sucker? Ever thought about being a Cuckold

There are ENDLESS kinks and fetishes that your Femdom Mistress can fulfill. There is a Mistress for everyone.

Femdom Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

As your Femdom Mistress, I am glad to direct you with any of those things or any other you might need, because you know you need help with something, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have even thought about calling at all!

Ongoing Calls

I love how we get to know each other, I can learn things about you that will blow your mind (and feel like someone is blowing your cock!), making each experience unique and exciting. That is the beauty of our time together, no matter if it is 10 minutes or an hour (or more), it is you and I together and I tailor my story, your fantasy, into something that is uniquely yours.

So, set aside those nerves and reach out to your Femdom Mistress!

Femdom Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975