You’ve been invited to your boss’ house for a cocktail party. This was the first time you’ve been asked to her home and are very excited. Little did you know, your even will be full of CFNM humiliation.

Dress Code

She specifically said “Dress Semi-Formal.” For men, that meant an expensive dark suit and a tie. You knew exactly what she meant because you’d made the mistake before of not wearing a tie at a work dinner and she was very unhappy with you. Not only that evening, but the next day in the office, too. You had not shown yourself in the best light.

You pull out your best suit, get it cleaned and pressed, and dress for the event.

Looking in the mirror, you are impressed at how well you clean up. You’re excited for the boss to see you following instructions so clearly.

CFNM Arrives

CFNM Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975


Your boss has a huge house on a lot of land and she has parking attendants taking care of the cars, so you hand over the keys and head towards the house.

You get to the door and you’re greeted by a beautiful woman dressed in a tuxedo. Immediately you worry you read the invitation wrong. Was it formal, not semi-formal? You try to look past the tux-clad greeter, but can’t see anyone else yet.

You walk in and start to walk past her, but she touches your shoulder and says, “Disrobe, please.”

You’re sure you did not hear her right, but she repeats it, matter-of-factly.

“Disrobe, please. I will take your clothes.”

“Can I see Ms. Johnson, please?”

“She has given explicit instructions to either collect your clothes or send you away from the party.”

You certainly don’t want to leave the first party you were invited to at the boss’ house! You might never be invited to another one.

CFNM Nakedness

Clothed Female Naked Male

You slowly remove your clothes as the beautiful woman in a tux holds her arms out like a hanger and with each item of clothing, you lay it neatly across her arm.

You still can see no one in the house, but hear voices and clinking glasses, so other people are somewhere. Are they naked, too?

When you’re completely nude, the woman opens a closet and drops your clothes in a heap on the closet floor.

You gasp and blurt out, “Hey! Those are my clothes.”

She closes the closet door, looks at you and says, “And?”

Welcome to the Party

CFNM Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

You are led towards the voices and they are behind closed doors. You’re so nervous, praying everyone else is naked, too, but you didn’t see any other crumpled clothes in that closet.

You put your hands over your cock because you are so nervous and your cock is getting hard.

“Fuck! It usually stays limp when I’m nervous or worried,” you think.

When the doors swing wide open, the room filled with about fifty people, all women, turn to look at you.


As your boss walks over to you, in a gorgeous cocktail dress, your mortification amplifies as you take in your solitary maleness in the room as well as your solitary nakedness.

Introductions in the Nude

CFNM Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Your boss’ heels click on the wooden floor and she reaches behind you as the tuxedoed greeter hands her a lovely, long  pink ribbon. She takes one of your hands as your boss takes your other, uncovering your extremely hard erection, and they pull your arms behind you, your boss tying your wrists together.

When your boss is satisfied she can display your cock and balls to the room, she begins by measuring your cock and calling out the measurement to the room.

“He’s only 5.5 inches. What do we think of that?”

The room laughs and then your boss tugs your bound arm to meet the women, each more beautiful than the next.

Endless Humiliation

For the entire evening, you are the only male at the party… and the only person nude, too. You are fondled, teased, chuckled at, and made to do the most mundane of activities to please the bevy of women at the party.

Your dick is out of control, staying erect the entire evening. Women hang their small purses on it. Others tie bows on your dick as they giggle at the small package you are holding there.

As dawn breaks, you are given the keys to your car, but not your clothes, and you drive home naked. Red-faced and ready to masturbate.

Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975