Somewhere along the way, you small dick’d boys were imprinted that Small Penis Humiliation made your tiny dicklette hard.

Small Penis Humiliation Beginnings

small penis humiliation

It is a delight for me to discover when you first experienced Small Penis Humiliation. It was usually in high school, either in the showers or at the pool, comparing yourself to others. Hearing you tell me about your realization of how unmanly that cocklette was and how mortified you were makes me laugh.


Then, when we move to the first time someone put their hand in your pants and found that nubbin, their reaction… was she polite? Even if she was, sorry to tell you, she told ALL her girlfriends about what you did not have between your legs. They are all still calling you golf-pencil dick to this day. When you go to your high school reunion, someone would surely remind you of your nickname.


(Not) Growing Up

You thought that dick was going to get bigger, but it stopped growing way, way before you thought it should. The day you realized that was all you were going to get, I am sure you cried as you wanked with your forefinger and thumb. You knew you’d better figure out how to deal with this… this… thing. I mean, how are you going to date? Get married? Who is going to want that teeny chode but you?

So, here you are… calling a phone sex line for some Small Penis Humiliation. You need the laughter to get hard anymore, don’t you.

laughing, knowing

We have not even gotten to those itsy bitsy testicles of yours!

That’s a whole ‘nother topic for another day.

Hear me laughing?

laughing so hard