A few weeks ago, I realized I was watching too much YouTube when I should have been working. I had to find a solution and that came in the guise of a Lock Box. When it arrived from our trusty home delivery company, I immediately thought, “Chastity Keys!”

When Chastity is a Part of a Team

Isn’t it wonderful when your loving partner wants to be a part of your journey into chastity? Perhaps it was even her idea. Below is a wonderful Weekly Hot Spot that Ms. Olivia and Ms. Erika did with William who is the owner of Mature Metal and who makes the amazing chastity cages they sell. In this podcast, he discusses how he and his wife, Mrs. Mature Metal, first got into chastity. Hint: It was HIS idea! 

While his interview is incredibly enlightening from his point of view, this next Podcast with Mrs. Mature Metal, once a vanilla wife, found herself the keyholder to her husband’s chastity cage.


When Chastity Has to Stay Private

Those who have a willing partner are lucky. I think we can all agree on that. But what if you need to put yourself in chastity and no one but you and your Mistress know about it?

It isn’t uncommon for a guy or gal in chastity to send us Mistresses one of the keys. They keep the other in case of emergencies… or if they can’t stand it anymore and break the rules by unlocking the cage.

Folks do go to extremes to keep themselves locked up including gluing their lock shut.

We’ve long taught guys to put the key in a block of ice so it has to melt before they are released. There is also giving it to someone who refuses to give it back unless they meet the stressed out man or sissy in the Emergency Room. (The ER people can get a cage off pretty quickly, so you really don’t need to worry about that.) We Femdoms, however, know how crafty a horny dude or dudette can get, finding a way to open the device in clever ways.


Lock Those Chastity Keys Away!

My foray into remote control dopamine hits that had me searching for ways to keep it from myself, led me to the lock box. When I thought of putting a chastity key in there for hours (or days!), I actually got wet! My panties immediately dampened and I could imagine how much fun it would be to have our submissives lock the key away and not be able to get it for our exact set amount of time.

We Mistresses have come up with creative ways for you to prove you were still in the cage. Taking a picture of your imprisoned dick (or dicklette) next to a random item we chose at the moment we asked for it. A pencil, a pen, your hand with a finger pointing. Any number of creative ways you could show us you were, indeed, still in that chastity device.

Now, with the lock box, you can show us your metal-encased cock next to the timer on the lockbox. We can watch the timer go down together. Won’t that be fun!

What Kind of Lock Box to Get?

There are a wide variety of sizes and types of lock boxes you can buy. It would be perfect to get the smallest ones (made for thin cell phones) and use that to put your key in its prison. Get a sturdy one! The one I have, above, can be hammered open on the bottom half. If you have to crack it open, you can buy another bottom and it’s relatively inexpensive.

And in case you think you can disarm it by taking the batteries out, you are wrong! It just stops counting and you are extending your time by doing that. Keep the fucking batteries in it if you ever want to be released from dick bondage.

Tell me in the comments if this is something you would do… might do! It is Mistress-Certified and recommended!


Ms. Daphne is an affiliate of Mature Metal.