I know that when you put that chastity cage on… or better yet, when someone else put it on… you already thought it was going to be a tough ride. You don’t know the half of it, dear submissive. Get ready for a journey to Chastity Hell.


Cuckold Chastity Hell

Isn’t it hilarious when you have that cage on and know that your wife is really needing some cock? Where do you think she’s going to get it? Not from you, so where? 

Why, her boyfriend. Who else? Or the guy you pick out for her at the bar. Or the dude from work she has had her eye on all year. Did you know that? Did you know she put you in chastity so she could fuck other guys? Or did you think she just wanted to have some Femdom control over you. It is definitely the former; she has wanted to have sex with other guys for ages.

Maybe it is because you are a lousy fuck. Or you have a puny dick and she needs a REAL man’s cock. Then again, maybe she just wants some variety in her life and the swinging lifestyle doesn’t interest her because she doesn’t want you to have sex with anyone else. 

You feel like you are in Chastity Hell now, don’t you!? Not yet, sweetie. Not hardly yet.

What are you going to do when she is with this other guy (or guys!)? Are you going to sit home alone and boo hoo while she’s out having the time of her life? Will she bring her lover home and force you to watch as he pushes his huge cock inside her pussy? Will you get you straining against the metal seeing that?

Oh, wouldn’t it be the best if she had you eat the creampie out of her pussy after her boyfriend cums inside her without a condom? I sure think so! You would do it, too. I know you would. You want to please her which is why you have that chastity cage on in the first place.

Are you in Chastity Hell yet?

Tease and Denial 

Along with that chastity cage comes tease and denial.

Of course, complete denial would be a part of wearing a cock cage, right? Oh, your Femdom Mistress would surely take you out of chastity so you could cum. I know she would certainly promise you she would as she tickles your balls gently with her fingernails. She might even pull out the vibe she keeps just for you, pressing it to your perineum, vibrating your balls and your cock that’s encased by metal or silicone. 

“I swear. If you just relax and let me have my way with you, I swear I will take you out of chastity and let you orgasm. I will even suck your dick because you’ve been such a good boy.”

You watch as she puts on her strapon and lubes up the girl-cock she tucks into the harness, knowing this is going to go into your ass. You steel yourself for the experience and keep repeating, “I’ll get released and cum hard.”

Even as she fucks you good, your mantra is, “No More Chastity Hell!” 

Oh, how little you know.

Hilariously, after she has had her own orgasms and grabbed your cage all the while saying, “I can’t wait to suck your dick!” Haha! She had zero intention of letting you out of chastity. She knows you need a lot more control over your dick before she releases you. 

You have many more hurdles to jump before she even thinks about grabbing the chastity key and unlocking you.

Your time in Chastity Hell has just begun.