During my Sex-Cation, at the Sex Party portion of the gathering, an SPH Display was set up in my honor. Besides the Sybian I requested, I wanted them to collect all the small dicklettes they could find so the group could have a good laugh. You know how much fun SPH can be, don’t you?

Decorate the Dinky Dicks

Not only did they find TEN tiny dicks, they had the guys decorate them in the best way they could. It was a costume party of inferiority! And I loved it. 

None of the guys knew each other, but I have to say they alllll knew their places at the bottom of the Cock Ladder because 6 of them couldn’t even put a costume on their dick, but had create an alternative. A couple of them wore hats on their heads! Several drew on their stomachs pointing down to what I certainly would never find in a dark room. But there were two who tried. One put a pink chastity cage on… quite appropriate we all laughed. The other took some yarn and wrapped it around what was barely there… and hung a dildo from the end that hung down to his knees! Clever boys.


Did They Measure Up?

I marched down the line and asked each guy to tell us, loudly, how teensy their dicklettes were. They had to measure them in front of us.

Everywhere from 4 inches to a 1/2 micropenis was on display. 

Well, sort of.

Red-Faced SPH

We 20+ attendees there at the time got to hear each dude tell us their most humiliating SPH story of their lives. From bathing suits to being walked in on and the proverbial girlfriends who laughed at them before walking out… and then telling all their friends about it… every shade of shame was represented.

But the best came from Mr. Micro-penis. He created his most embarrassing moment, unplanned, even as we all stood there watching.

You see, his little 1/2 incher actually looked like a belly button. He wasn’t chunky, either! It was just that small. His story started by having to reach in and pull the thing out the squat amount and measure it. He needed help. I volunteered even though I squicked at having to be near something so pointless. 

SPH Demo of the Party

After he called out his “HALF-an-INCH” to all of us, we promptly hooted and booed. He was so ashamed, his face turned beet red. But do you know what? His pinch of nothing became erect! What a twit he was! That made things even more hilarious and I told him to show it off proudly.

The moment he tugged with his forefinger and thumb, trying to show us what he didn’t have, HE CAME RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF US!

You could hear out peals of laughter a mile away, I am sure. Even the other guys laughed. That was until I had them show off their jerk-off skills for some public humiliation. Then they sobered up pretty quickly.

One-By-One, Down the Line…

… I had each dude take his Vienna Sausage and count how many jerks (you can’t even call them strokes, can you?) it would take for them to make a mess. Well, none of them made anything you would call “a mess.” Every single one of them dribbled for us as we continued having the time of our lives watching them show us their own humiliation.


SPH Mistress Daphne (800) 601-6975


More Fun Than I Imagined

My sides hurt and my makeup was running from laughing so hard and for so long. It was the hootiest of hoots to have these guys, some so macho and Alpha males (or so they thought), showing us the small penis humiliation of their lives.

It was a time I will never forget.