When planning my Sex-Cation for earlier late last month, I insisted on a Sybian in each location I would be going to. Initially, there were 4 places, then down to 3, but because of COVID hitting the area and a hurricane coming at my home, I zippity doo dah’d back home after only one party. No boo hooing. It was a FABulous time!

And, per prescription, they had a Sybian for me. Well, me mainly, but others played on it, too!


A What?

For those that don’t know what a Sybian is, it’s a riding vibrator.

Not kidding. You climb on… onto a dildo, no less… and then turn the machine on and you zoom off into Orgasmland.

Sybian is a trade name (I have no stake in them) and there are other riding vibes, but I don’t find them as powerful. There are handy dandy folks who make their own, too. I am not that clever.

So I stick to the name brand.


Sybian Mistress Daphne (800) 601-6975


The Sybian’s Place of Honor

Not only did they get a Sybian for me to play on, they set up a pretty little gazebo in the massive living room to surround it. I laughed when I came in. It was clear I had my own little vibrating throne. The gazebo was festooned in tissue paper flowers (like we made in school!) and crêpe paper, all in shades of purple and blue (periwinkle being my fave color and all). I felt like I was marrying the Sybian.

I wish I could. She’s the perfect lover.


Sybian Mistress Daphne (800) 601-6975

Flowers like these, but different shades of blue and purple.


Meeting Everyone

Before these kinds of parties, sex or BDSM play parties, there is a meet and greet. We usually strip down to our lingerie and I was wearing a pretty lavender teddy and went barefoot for the night. I’d braided my hair in a ponytail so it wouldn’t get in my face while having sexy fun with all the strangers. Oh, and for my upcoming wild ride.

We only use first names or a pseudonym and then we share our wildest hope for the evening’s fun. There were 46 people there, men, women, and transfolks.

One guy wanted to be pegged for the first time. Another wanted to fuck a redhead (there were two there, so he was in luck!). One woman wanted to watch a man suck a dick. Of course I seconded that request! Another woman wanted to eat pussy for the first time and I raised my hand to give her a tutorial. Everyone laughed.

Now, no one knew me but the host, Layla, but they all certainly knew the main reason I was there. So, when I introduced myself, they yelled out, “The Sybian!” and I laughed my head off at my obviousness. I have no shame.

Climbing On the Sybian

After our get-together, the folks typically disperse, but this time, they stayed in the living room and I was ceremoniously taken to the center of the room. Layla, undressed me from the teddy. It didn’t take but a second.

Then I swung my leg over and climbed right on the dildo with a condom on it, then lowered myself onto the machine.

Oh, my… writing this, I am so wet remembering! Naughty me!

The dildo can go in a circular motion, but I am not fond of that, so leave it to vibrate. The more vibrations, the merrier! Layla had been taught how to use the machine by the owner and sat in front of me and my nakedness. She asked if I was ready and for fuck’s sake, I was more than ready.


Zoom Goes the Sybian!

She started the mechanism slowly, but increased every 60 seconds or so until I hollered, “No higher!” and then began to really enjoy myself. I closed my eyes and felt the first orgasm building and leaned forward as I was overcome by pleasure. Loud whoops came from the spectators, but I just kept going. This scenario repeated itself about every 2-3 minutes (I asked someone to count my orgasms and how frequent they were). At one point near the end, I began getting really loud and briefly opened my eyes.

To my astonishment, not only were the 40+ people watching, they were throwing confetti! I started to laugh, but was overcome by my last orgasm before I begged Layla to “Turn the fucking thing off!!”


Sybian Mistress Daphne (800) 601-6975


Sybian Aftercare

I was helped off the Sybian and dildo and curled into Layla’s lap and arms while someone covered me in a blanket. I was shaking and sweating profusely. Someone brought me an orange juice to help my blood glucose recover from the exertion. Apparently I had had 8 orgasms. A new record for me!

Folks leaned down and thanked me for such a great show before dispersing around the house for their own fantasy fulfillment.

While I was not done playing that night, I was quite satiated with orgasms.

When it was time for bed, I slept hard. As hard as my clit had been earlier in the evening.

What a great experience!