It’s crazy noisy around here and I am finding calls to be a tad challenging. But, I am available for texting during the holidays.

We can text in Skype, in email, and in the LDW Chat Room… whatever is easiest for you. I am a quick typist, so our conversations will flow quickly and easily.

In Skype and the Chat Room, you would pay through

To chat in email, go to Phone Sex Assignments. I charge $50 for 4 emails, but will offer a Holiday Special of 4 emails for $40. That’s $10 an email! Not just a couple of lines, but an actual discussion between us. After you’ve paid, email me at: and we can get going!

Believe me, I can give you some serious hard-on fun in writing.

If you prefer Skype, cum find me! I am EnchantrixDaphne and have a red umbrella as my icon.     Holiday Texting Phone Sex Mistress Daphne (800) 601-6975

We have several options that offer BOTH of us privacy!