It’s that time of year when your wife or girlfriend heads out for some “shopping” – always without you. Do you know you’re a cuckold? Or is this news to you?

When Did You Become the Cuckold?

Who made the decision to make you a cuckold? Was this your idea, or hers? I want you to tell me in the comments how this fortunate (or UNfortunate) scenario began. Afterwards, it’s time to call to tell me how you feel about it now that it is underway.

If you’re wishing you were in a cuckie relationship, how are you going to introduce this topic to your partner? Perhaps you could leave some Hotwife/Bull porn on the computer for her to see. Maybe you want to leave a BBC Bull that would turn you on even more.

Call and tell me the naughty details of your fantasy! I want to hear allllll about it.

Enjoy the Audio, boys and girls.

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