You just arrived from Ms. Kay Marie’s (After Hours) Halloween Party for a Sissy with Tricks and Treats and have landed on yet another sissy Halloween adventure in the Enchantrix Enchanted Forest.


You are a sissy getting ready to go for a walk out in the Enchantrix Enchanted Forest so need to get ready to go.

Getting Ready to Go Out for a Walk

I see you are first putting on your adorable pink panties… the ones with the little orange pumpkins on them. How cute you got some Halloween panties! Pink and orange together are my favorite color mixes. Good choice! Then you pull out the oh-so-sexy thigh-high stockings with the thick pink band at the top. Is that a pumpkin in the front of the pink I see? Why, it is! You are too clever today. I love it! I watch you slip the satiny soft rose camisole over your head and watch it slide down your torso, down to meet those matching panties. The camisole’s straps are the same orange as the pumpkins on the panties. You are so fun to match everything.

I get to watch you walk around the house in your lingerie. How sexy are you? I hope you don’t cum across a Big Bad Wolf. He will eat you alive like a piece of candy. 

The Dress? The Dress! The Sissy Dress

I think you are going to put your dress on, but you have one more piece of underclothing to pull on and that is an orange petticoat. Wherever did you find an orange sherbet petticoat?! Well, wherever, it is good enough to lick. I could put you on a popsicle stick and lap you right up.

Oh, then there is the pièce de résistance; the frilliest, loveliest, sissiest dress I have ever seen. From the blush colored flared skirt to the sheer puffy sleeves, you look like an amazing prissy sissy!

Skipping Down the Stiletto Sissy Trail

Before you can head out into the Enchanted Enchantrix Forest, you still have to put on those sexy orange patent leather stiletto heels. They will certainly keep you as a vision to be seen as you skip down the trail, won’t they!

I watch as you head out into the forest, darkened by the trees. You’re not scared of the Big Bad Wolf at all because you can kick his ass with those sissy stiletto heels you’re wearing.

I know you are going to have a great time when you find the Prince of your dream on the other side of the forest.


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