It’s time for more Sissy Training! We are going to talk about getting fitted for shoes… how to choose the right ones for you. Are you up for the lesson? Of course you are!

Sissy Training: Getting the Right Shoes

You already know the number of types of shoes are endless. How would you pick the right shoe for yourself? You don’t want to end up like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, do you?

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You surely want your runway experience to be graceful… up and back without a splat.

The wrong shoes would include the incorrect size, too high, the stilettos too thin, no ankle straps when you still need that support or even too flat.

Measure Your Feet

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Whatever you decide to wear, you will need to measure your feet to make sure you get the right sized shoes. There is nothing worse than wearing the wrong sized shoe! Blisters, callouses, ingrown toenails and a whole lot of pain. Not fun!

What Size Shoe Do You Wear?

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Converting from a men’s size to a woman’s size can be challenging, especially if you cannot go into a store to be professionally sized, but here is a handy conversion chart for you!

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Where to Find Shoes

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Whether you are looking for a brick and mortar shoes store or are going to shop online, the easiest thing to do is Google “Women’s Shoes for Men,” “Shoes for Drag Queens,” and “Shoes for Sissies.” The online and in person stores will pop up (like your clitty? ?) and of you want to go into a store in your area, you can schedule a trip. I say to get “scheduled” because of the pandemic. One doesn’t know if the hours mentioned in the ad are their real hours at the moment. But. wouldn’t it be great to get your sissy foot measured? Way more fun than having your clitty measured, right? ?

Style of Shoes

The general rule is the newer you are to women’s shoes, the lower the heel you should go.

As you progress, you can move to a chunky heel, then a higher shoe with a chunky heel.

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After that, advance to a shoe with an ankle strap; they give you added support while you are walking on a slimmer heel.

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Save the tallest and the least supportive shoes for when you are in the advanced class of high heels.

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Practice Practice Practice

No matter what size or kind of shoe you get, practicing walking is how you get better at it. Try to stay upright at first, then gradually practice more feminine walks. You can learn by watching videos on YouTube; there are dozens of model tutorials to choose from.

Have Fun!

Mostly, have fun with your shoes! Every aspect of finding shoes should be a joy for you. If you’re having a hard time, feel free to email me: I would be glad to offer help where I can.