If you are a manly man on the streets, yet love to be a submissive in the sheets… or want to be… then this is for you.

What is a “Dominant in the Streets?”

Are you a CEO, the head of your own company or overseeing someone else’s? Are you the leader everyone follows, in business and in pleasure? You might be a lawyer, a doctor, a CPA, or just the head of your household.

When people see you, they know you are a force to be reckoned with. They step out of your way when you are on the sidewalk.

Guys always want your opinion.

Girls always want your dick. Maybe you even have a harem of lovers that amuse you sexually. You love to take control in the bedroom with these hangers-on, these women who find you sexually irresistible. These are one night stands, or maybe women in your little black book you keep handy for when you just want to get off quickly and without any fuss. With muss they will eat or take home with them.



Men envy you. Women crave a man like you.

What they don’t know is you harbor a secret. Some might consider it a little thing (and it isn’t your cock, either!), but for us? We know this desire is a lot bigger than you might even like to admit.


What is a “submissive in the Sheets?”

Being in control can be exhausting. Making every decision, being responsible for every outcome can tax a person’s brains, emotions, and even spirit. How can someone with this much Power relax? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to let go for awhile and just be told what to do?

This is exactly what happens when a Dominant person acquiesces to another and becomes a submissive in the sheets.

If you are able to find someone you trust implicitly, a person who will honor your safe words and stop when you call them, you can find this freedom from dominance, even if it is just for a short time.



What is wonderful is there are whole groups of men (we are talking mostly about men, yes, but women, too) who are submissive in the sheets with everyone! It isn’t a part-time experience for them, but the way they are in bed. Either way, it is delicious, don’t you think?

How wonderful is it to let someone else take control of the situation/Scene and know that everything will come out alright? So great to not have to read the map towards desire and pleasure, but to sit back and have someone else drive the vehicle of joy.


How Do You Resolve the Dichotomy?

If you are the type of Alpha Male I talked about above, including being in control in the bedroom with a partner, and then sometimes you move to the beta male position, you might, in BDSM vernacular, be considered a SwitchIn this post, however, we are not talking about a BDSM Switch. I am referring to you guys who only want to be a bottom/submissive in the bedroom.

If you have a willing partner, a more Dominant person who isn’t afraid of taking more control… or all control… of you, you hit the jackpot. It takes a special person to honor your Dominant parts and then allows you to be who you are on the inside… a tender soul who needs to be led down the kinky path.


How Does One Begin?

A simple blindfold removes a great deal of autonomy. You are unable to see and must be led around if you are to go anywhere. A blindfold is also quite non-threatening to a novice partner. Who doesn’t want to be blindfolded every once in awhile? You can even start by blindfolding your partner and then having her reciprocate so you can “see what it was like.”

It will be important to find a Dominant person, perhaps a Femdom Mistress, to take the control, someone you trust completely. The whole scenario/experience won’t work beyond a blindfold otherwise.



This Is Just the Beginning

Once you are with someone you trust and have the blindfold on, you are beginning the walk towards complete bedroom submission.

After all, isn’t that the goal?

Let me know in the comments what your desires and dreams are regarding being a submissive in the sheets.