Did you know that?

I am telling you what, in all my years fucking men,I never realized the fact that many lawyers have tiny dicks. Now that I am a witness to you lawyers on the phone and able to examine the proof on Skype, goodness gracious, many of you are a small-dick’d lot.

tiny dick

I have to laugh at the juxtaposition; big tough lawyer in the courtroom, yet requiring Small Penis Humiliation to get off in the bedroom (or rather, in the “Judge’s Chambers?”!).

Tiny Dicks Abound in the Courtroom!

Do you lawyers with tiny dicks fantasize about being naked while talking to the jury? Do you imagine the jury laughing their heads off and pointing to your teeny weeny?

What about walking back and forth, reciting your defense as the District Attorney draws pictures of you with a tiny dick on his legal pad?

Do people suspect you have a tiny dick? Did they know it when you were in law school?

Would I have to issue a search warrant to find your nubbin in the forest of your pubic hair?

Does your partner file complaints about your sexual abilities in the marriage bed? Does she issue a continuance… every single night?

The Verdict

Your tiny dick needs to be locked up in penis jail… a cock cage… because it is useless otherwise.

When you fantasize about being in the courtroom, pacing back and forth, imagine the court reporter… and the bailiff, for good measure… busting a gut laughing at what is (barely) between your legs.