Oh, yeah… I went to a Sex Party a couple of weeks ago!

Sex Party Slut… Without Sex?

The limitations? I had some pretty extensive dental work done on the Friday before the Saturday party, so was not able to do anything oral. No blow jobs. No eating pussy. Not even any cum eating or bukkake. I debated going at all, but really wanted to be with my sexy friends. And besides, it is deliciously fun watching; I could just watch, right?

A client suggested I wear one of the outfits in my pictures, so I picked this one.

It felt good to be in this slutty ensemble (said with a French pronunciation) again. And it was quite appreciated!

Voyeuristic Slut

I am quite the voyeur. I delight in wandering around sex parties watching (hovering?) over what others are doing.

Standing outside the enormous glass-walled shower, watching 4 people, a T-girl, two cisgirls and a cisman all enjoying each others’ bodies… fondling, groping, touching, stroking, soaping, rinsing… then sucking, fucking (with fingers and genitals) and cumming. Fuck, it was pretty.

Sissy Slut

Wandering around was my sissy-girlfriend. She and I hang out together, especially when shopping for lingerie. She’s a bigger girl, so usually needs her sweet underthings specially made. When she saw this (pictured below) online, she knew she had to have one, so had one of her favorite Cosplay costume makers do one up for her, made-to-fit only her.

And she looked fuckin’ HOT in it, too!

Of course, she had a gooshy belly and thighs that rubbed together, but, for me who loves a girl with grabbable flesh, she was yummy as hell.

Uh oh… see the back? The thong?

Well, it was perfect for access to her pussy… and I had her sashay around, then bend over and show off that cute hole to my other friends.

I told them I was advertising for use later. She was mortified.  But, funny if her clit wasn’t just sticking straight out in those mirrored panties!

Self-Stimulating Slut

If you’ve read into my blog a bit, you will get to hear about other Sex Parties and know how there are a variety of Scenes around the different rooms. One I have mentioned a couple of times is the huge spa tub; I call it a spa pool.

Boy, that spa pool looked enticing.

One of the girls had been assigned to bring a new jet massage for the spa shower. Not only did she bring it, she brought a double hand-held one! Fuck, my pussy was salivating and the thing wasn’t even out of the box yet.

A couple of girls undid the boring shower head and had the double one attached within about 10 minutes. Gotta love people with mechanical skills.

It took almost 45 minutes to fill the spa pool half-way up (it was huge!) and the girl who brought the shower heads and I climbed into the water.

On our knees next to each other, leaning over the side … facing the gorgeous bathroom where a couple three people were kissing… and keeping an eye on us… we turned on our respective jets. Low at first, she and I were sitting up again, kinda testing the spray as we moved it to our clits. Our heads moving side to side, pondering, we looked at each other and smiled when we started getting the right speed.

Rocking gently, we did end up again hanging over the edge, both of our right hands invisible as we held the pleasure-wands.

By the time we orgasmed, the room was full, our moans and howls drawing a crowd that smooshed into the (huge!) bathroom. (Our sex song reminded me of the time I was on the Sybian and the same thing happened.)

My new girlfriend and I were too exhausted to pay attention to anyone else, just fell backwards into each other’s arms, giving tender kisses (not on my sore mouth, sadly) and gentle hugs.

I have no idea how long we stayed in the water together, but as people left the room, many leaned over and said, “Thank you, girls!”

We barely heard them.

Yeah. it was a nice Party. A very, very nice Party.