Chastity makes me whimper with pleasure.


The Virtue of Chastity

You have wondered about the chastity devices ever since you first saw one. Maybe you started imagining your own cock inside one. You started looking them up online, trying to figure out how to get your partner to put you into chastity. Soon, the thought of smashing your dick into a cage began to consume your thoughts.

Everyone has a different reason for wanting to put their penis inside a cage, tube or rings… to spend some time in chastity.

  • Because you have zero self-control to keep your hand off your dick/clitty
  • Because you masturbate too much (which is a different number for each person)
  • Because you want to demonstrate your submissiveness to your partner
  • Because you want to test your stamina for self-denial
  • Because you are being instructed to by a Mistress/partner
  • Because you are a cuckold and being shown your place in the relationship
  • Because if someone saw you caged, you would be incredibly humiliated
  • Any variety of other more personal reasons



Once a person is put in chastity, after a period of adjustment, they often find great freedom from the domination of their sexual desires. Not to say there isn’t struggle at times, but those can pass with the help of your Mistress and some Mindfulness exercises.

I would love to talk to you about your desires for chastity… and work on a plan for caged cock control.

Call and let’s whip that dick into shape… one that has bars imprinted on it.