One of the things I adore about the winter months is how small penis humiliation grabs a whole added batch of dinky dicks. We all know when it’s cold, cocks shrink. I don’t care how big and thick and long they are. They all still shrink to fabulously hilarious proportions.


Are You Into Small Penis Humiliation?

I find many guys with normal-to-large size cocks also like to play with SPH. Are you one of those guys? Where did that fetish come from? What made you even consider having some SPH with a Mistress? Did anyone make fun of your dick when you were younger? Did you wonder if it was ever going to grow? Were you a late bloomer (so to speak)? I would love to hear your story! Do call and tell me all about your weirdness. I love it! The odder, the better.

But you guys who already have teeny dicklettes… I talk to you all the time. And laugh at your insufficiencies. I use plural because it isn’t just your teensy wiener that’s small, but your testicles are just as pathetic, being nothing more than the seed-size of a pomegranate. 

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex Mistress Daphne (800) 601-6975


The Perverted Mind of a Puny Dick Owner

What the fuck made small penis humiliation something that turns you on? Where did that come from? You know how much I love you to tell me those really hilarious stories about being made fun of in school. The funniest stories you share are the ones that you masturbate to the most. Those are so much fun to hear. They make me laugh long after the call has ended.

But I am sure you have other twisted fantasies about what you would like to do with that pint-size… well, ounce-size… wiggly thing you carry around. You have to tell me those, too! Either based on real life or that just live inside your mind, either is fantastic for me. You know how much I love to fuck with your head. And NOT with that thimble down there, either.

So, let’s go! Give me a call already. I’m in dire need of laughing at you!

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex Mistress Daphne (800) 601-6975