I have a fantastic sissy, Coral, who is married to his Domme and Mistress. They have an amazing relationship that includes all aspects of a sissy’s submission and body worship to his partner. Talking to him recently, he told me about the Sissy Halloween Surprise he had for her.


Sissy Halloween Preparations

Coral and his wife do not usually decorate the house for Halloween, but he thought it would be a fun surprise to do just that for her. He’s hiding all sorts of cardboard skeletons, flowing ghosts, and even a cackling witch that pops out of a jack-o-lantern. 

He has other ideas that will entertain and pamper her for this scary holiday.


Spa Day for a Halloween Mistress

Long ago, he bought a massage table and hid it in the garage. He’s gotten orange and black sheets and towels for the occasion and is going to give her a fantastic massage on the new massage table. Their whole marriage, he’s given her massages as she lies on the bed, so he pretty much knows what he’s doing rubbing-wise. However, he thought a pro table would really amp up the sensuous massage spa experience. I agree!

Can you see her lying on a Halloween themed set of flat sheets with some gorgeous black and orange fluffy towels covering her to keep her warm? I sure can! I suggested a spiced pumpkin cider candle to burn on the dresser.

He’s also been watching YouTube videos to learn different massage techniques. Smart girl, isn’t she?

Wicked Nails, Too?!

A few years ago, he bought a nail salon table so he could give his Mistress manicures. This has been a tradition in their house ever since. Now, is he a sissy wife or what?! He learned how to give manicures by watching videos, too.

Note: Never underestimate learning something online. You can find anything on the Internet now. Use it for good!

So the night he’s going to surprise her with the decorations, he’s also going to give her the massage, then do her nails. He’s going to feed her scary Halloween treats and spooky cocktails while her nails dry.


What the Devil Does He Have Now?

As he walks back in with the yummy treats, he’s going to twirl his naked body around and there, in his ass, will be a devil’s tail anal plug!

He imagines his Femdom Mistress wife will howl laughing and he hopes she will tell him he has been such a good boy, she is going to make use of that hole he has filled with that tail.

A Happy Halloween, indeed!!