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You needed to get away from the family today. It was a beautiful outside, so you decided to go for a walk in the woods far from the house. In the back of your mind, you had the thought that maybe you would meet someone. In your secret world. Being a cocksucker is a delightful pastime, almost a sport.

A Cocksucker on the Hunt

I can hear your mind going already.

“How do I find a dick? Where do I find a cock? Why aren’t there more men answering my ads today? Will I run into someone I know in the forest?”

You are the hungry wolf wandering through the forest.
The question is: Will you find your basket of goodies?

As you wander through the pine needle-strewn path, you hear the trees whispering to you. If you were a scaredy-cat, you might jump each time you heard the bark crack or heard a bush rustle. Instead, you keep hoping it is a man with a giant cock that you can suck.

What will you do with that dick when you find it? Will you tell the man you want to see his cock before you decide to suck it? You tend to want to see what they look like. That’s why you use the apps, so you can get an idea of what the cock looks like before you go on a searching excursion in the forest. But so many men lie! That is the most frustrating part of it all is when you’re going to meet a man with a 9-inch penis and he ends up having a 5-inch stub. Frustrating, for sure. You don’t want to be sucking on a peppermint stick, you want to be a total and complete cocksucker,


Who Is That You Hear?

You’re not sure, but did you hear someone clearing their throat? Were they not far ahead? Your skin gets goosebumps and your stomach clenches gently as you wonder if they might be there for you. Did you know them? Did they come to meet you specifically? 

You don’t speed up your pace, but keep it even and calculated. You don’t want to scare him; you want to suck him off. God, what a cocksucker you have become. And you love it! Without meaning to, your steps become longer. You want to see if what you heard was real or if your mind was playing tricks on you. You really hoped it was a treat instead of something false.

Hearing a cough, you now know the person is real. The sound was deep and possibly false, letting you know he was calling out to you. Surely, he wondered if you would answer with a cough yourself. Of course you did.

When the handsome gentleman stepped out from behind the tree directly in front of you, he scared the bejeezus out of you! Your adrenaline zipped through your body, but at the same time, your cock began to tingle, starting it’s erection action.


He Knew You Were the Cocksucker 

You saw that he knew you were the cocksucker he was looking for because as he stepped from behind that tree, his dick was already in his hand and hard.

Without another thought, you got down onto your knees and took this delicious-looking dick, all 8 inches of it, into your mouth. A treat, indeed! You licked this penis as if it were candy. Well, because it was candy to you. You didn’t give a thought to the folks waiting for you at home. You didn’t think about the work piled up at the office. Your thoughts were completely on this cock and your excellent cocksucker skills you were employing to make this guy feel fantastic.

You wanted his cum bad and were going to get it. Drinking it. Relishing it. Keeping it inside you as you walked back into your house half an hour from now.



Look at you! The excellent cock sucker. The one who could coax cum out of a tree stump. How glorious was it when you heard him grunting and readying to unload between your lips. You salivated anticipating his Halloween treat he was about to bestow upon you.

As if your mouth was your Trick-or-Treat bag, you opened wide and filled it with the sweet saltiness of his jizz.

Your night was complete.


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