I know you might not enjoy tease and denial. Well, there are some of you twisted perverts who find it fun, that’s true. However, I have had more than one experience with guys where I found their tease and denial much grander for me than for them.

Example of Tease & Denial for Mistress Daphne’s Amusement

There was the time when I had a cuckold-wanna-be who insisted I talk him through what it would be like to be a cuck with his Hotwife. 

“Your dick is so fucking small, why wouldn’t she want a real lover?”

That was a great start and I continued with how his Hotwife had found the perfect BBC lover and how amazingly he satisfied her. Wasn’t he jealous of how her lover could please her? 

I reminded him of the times when he had been a really, really good subbie cuck and how he was permitted to watch his wife be fucked. Oh, and how he had to watch her suck that Big Black Cock, how it stretched her mouth in a way his own tiny dick never did. You should have heard him whimpering about all he was missing out on as I told him this tale.

Well, Suck the Dick, Then!

BBC Cuckolding

“If you want one so badly, then suck the Bull’s dick, cuckie-boy.”

He was initially horrified at the suggestion, but I saw his itty bitty clitty dance in his panties and knew he was aroused, even as he protested. 

“Thou dost protest too much!” I winked at him. “I see what you have there, peeking out of those fluffy pink panties.”

So I had him sit an inch away from his Hotwife’s mouth which was on her BBC lover’s dick and learn from her how to suck this man’s giant cock.

His own little clitty was dancing the jig inside those pink satin drawers he was wearing. I laughed at him and then made him measure his clitty compared to the BBC he was about to put in his mouth. 2.75 inches compared to 8.75 inches. NO COMPARISON!

Suck On, Sissy Cuck!

The moment this cuckold put that dick in his mouth, he became a sissy cuckold. A fluffer. A cocksucker. If he loved it as much as I expected him to, he would be a sissy faggot cocksucker. To say this sissy loved it would be an understatement. His clitty began oozing juices and that had me laughing because in my head, I knew that was the most he was going to get to do… dribble pre-cum.

You see, as he sucked more and more, deeper and deeper, the more I devised the plan to really fuck with this sissy’s head… both of them. 

While his mouth was full of that giant black dick, I whispered in his ear, “Faggot, touch your dicklet… how does that feel?” and he would reach down and I could see his eyes roll back in his head with delight. As soon as he did, I said, quite loudly… “GET YOUR FUCKING HAND OFF YOUR DICK, PUSSY BOY!”

I scared him and he snatched his hand away. This kind of tease and denial was a hoot and a half for me.

BBC Cuckolding

Lather, Rinse, Repeat Tease and Denial

I did this naughty scenario several times. Encouraging him to suck that black cock as if it was his lover. Kiss it, lick it, make love to it. When I could tell he couldn’t stand it any more, I whispered for him to tickle his clitty and make it feel goooooood.

Amazingly, he was quite dexterous, able to hold the fat cock with his right hand and twiddle his dicklet with his left.

The Bull was just about to cum and I could tell so was our little sissy cuckold, when I yelled, “What the fuck are you doing? Get your fucking hand off your dick!”

Shocked, he looked at me and I snarled that he was forgetting his place in helping Mr. Bull cum… and as he put his mouth back onto the giant head of his dick, the lovely Bull began a flood of cum gushing into the cuck’s mouth.

“Swallow it! Swallow it!”

I looked between the sissy’s legs and saw how tense and hard that clitty was, knowing he was ready to shoot his load, too.

Lock It up!

BBC Cuckolding

But, you know what I did? I pulled a sweet tiny pink chastity tube out from underneath the pillow and before you could say, “Sissy Faggot,” had that cage snapped and locked right on that oozing (and dying to cum!) clitty. 

The look on his face was priceless.

“You didn’t think you were going to be permitted to cum, did you? Are you high? You are a nothing cuckold, boy. A sissy. A submissive. A servant. You are here for everyone else’s pleasure. Never your own. All you are worthy of is tease, tease, tease and DE-NY! Tease and Denial are your middle names now.”

As we laughed the afternoon away, that newly locked and unsatisfied cuckold did household chores and served his Hotwife, the BBC Bull, and me… giving us whatever we wanted. 

Mostly, we wanted his miserably wanting-to-cum chastity.

That is exactly what we got, too.