We met at the upscale boutique where she insisted I find the perfect evening gown for her. We were going to an all-women’s formal get-together… wine, champagne, hor dourves and then a luxurious sit-down dinner that would surely last until well after midnight.

Pink is the Color of Her Pussy

The dresses were lined up against the wall… sheer, shimmering, sequined… organized by their rainbow colors. Each step we took, we found ourselves in another part of the spectrum. It was lovely!

We got to the reds and all the shades therein and I found the color dress I had been looking for: ashes of roses. A mixture of a lavender-grey and pink, the color is a rare find anymore… typically a color from the last mid-century. I was delighted to have found, without much misery, exactly what I wanted for my Sissy.

She. Was. Gorgeous. Chiffon. Flowing from the shoulders and extending outwards from the waist. Layer upon layer of confection.

The make-up artist airbrushed her make-up on. The hairdresser coiffed her wig into a lovely upsweep. And I brought her the satin shoes I had dyed to match the dress. I lifted the dress to see what was underneath and there, just out of reach, was a pair of silk panties, high waisted bikinis, a beautiful blush color. I ran my hands down her long legs, enjoying the feel of the silk stockings she had attached to the garter belt above. I slipped her pumps on her stockinged feet.

To the Ball She Goes!

We swept out of the loft and gathered up our dresses as we climbed into the limousine, giggling about how pretty we felt at the moment. Checking our lips, we used the hanging mirror, plucking our lipsticks from the beaded bags we would be carrying in our hands. Puckering first, then pursing our lips to make sure the lipstick was even, we laughed at the motions our mouths were making. Oh, but we looked good.

Arriving at the location, the limo driver came and opened our door. I climbed out first, then helped my sweet Sissy out next. We fluffed our dresses… patted the stray hairs down on each others’ heads… and then stepped delightedly past the doorman into the anteroom of the ballroom. Ahead, we saw the sparkling lights of the candles and chandeliers and breathlessly moved forward to get into the invitingly warm space.

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