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…What does it make you feel like?

Chastity Experiences


Do you feel empowered? Emasculated? In control? Or out of control so much you need to lock your dick up into a chastity tube.

Do you need someone in control of that dick? (Me, me, me!) Or do you do okay on your own? Many do, you know, but others need a Mistress to keep the key (figuratively or literally, as the case may be).

As a matter of fact, where do you keep your own chastity key? Do you wear it in case of emergency, like a Hotwife who wears hers… well, her cuckold’s… around her neck? Many freeze the chastity key in ice so when they find the massive urge to masturbate, they hope the slow thaw allows the overwhelming desire to abate. In my experience, men tend to put the ice block in hot water, chop it up… blessedly most remember the key is metal and do not microwave the hunk of ice.

I want you to tell me your experiences. I want some of you to share a bit here (not a whole book, please!), but I want to hear from you on the phone, too. Call and tell me how you deal with that cock, how and why you lock it up… how you decide to unlock it… and what you do when you pull the chastity cage off.

On a call, I WANT DETAILS!