I wrote about a couple I helped initiate into the world of cuckolding in Cuckold Couple Pops Their Cherry, a story told in three parts.

I’d befriended them at a Sex Party and helped pick out a luscious Big Black Cock (BBC) Bull for them to lose their vanilla marriage virginity with. It was an awesome experience for both of them; they loved it.

Cuckold Follow-Up

After the initial contact at the Sex Party, I emailed and talked on the phone with this couple, processing their experience and then helping them plan for continuing and growing their cuckold experience.

The cuckie knows his place.

The cuckie knows his place.

Regarding the after-discussions, they really were extremely pleased with their experience. They said it lit an enormous fire in their marriage… and their loins. They said they used the memory of the time at the Sex Party for many delicious sessions with each other, verbally replaying the details of her being fucked, him watching and then when the three of them showered together afterwards.

Hungry for More

Even though their first experience will always stand out, the couple wanted more. Their dream is to find at least one or two Bulls to service the Hotwife and integrate the cuckold into play in varying degrees and ways. They have many feelers out in various communities (BDSM, Swinging, ads in different adult mags and websites), but have found a temporary player from an unlikely source: the Hotwife’s work! Certainly not someone in direct contact with her, but in the giant organization. The man… big dick included… picked up on her hints one day and suggested they go out for coffee.

What started at the coffee shop ended in her bed with cuckie standing in the closet watching (the Bull did know he was there). Everyone had an awesome time and their cuckold marriage is well on its way to fruition.

I felt it was important to offer an update since there was a tad of controversy in the comments about the whole polyamorous aspects of cuckolding and if the cuckie really did enjoy himself or not.

Clearly, they both had a blast.