Two decades of being a midwife… and kinky… I have some nasty ideas of what to do to you in the doctor’s office. In this segment of the Medical Fetish Series, I will share my thoughts about the exam gown.

“Put This Exam Gown On”

After all the preliminary stuff… paperwork, lab work, etc… I bring you into the Exam Room to ready you for your yearly physical.

“Please take your clothes off.”

Instead of leaving the room, I turn and sit at the desk, leaving you standing there, confused about undressing while I am still in the room. Besides, where do you put your clothes? Do you (dare) ask?

I turn towards you.

“Go ahead, Sir. Lay your clothes on that chair,” I say pointing to a chair about 10 steps away from where you’re standing.

“Miss? What do I put on when my clothes are off?”

“Oh! I didn’t lay a gown out for you? Let me get that. Be right back.”

I giggle as I close the door behind me, then go across the hall and grab an exam gown for you. I hold it up, making sure it is one of the “special” gowns. Just a tad too small.


Oh, So Vulnerable

When I walk back in, you are still dressed. I stand still, putting my hands on my hips, the gown crunched into my right hand.

“You aren’t undressed yet?”

“Uh, I was waiting for the gown? I-I-I’m s-s-sorry?”

“Well, I have the gown, so get undressed already.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

I stay in the same position, but cross my arms as I watch you do a nervous striptease for me.

exam gown

You lay your clothes on the exam table, without folding them, I note. Your shoes, shirt, undershirt and jeans are off and you look warily at me.

“My socks and underwear, too?”

I laugh. You turn crimson.


Get On With It

Looking at my watch, arms still crossed.

“We are running out of our time, please remove the rest of your clothes.”

You remove your socks first, then turn around and slide your underwear down and cover yourself with both hands as you turn back.

I point to the chair to remind you where they go. You hold your shoes and clothes in front of you, covering your privates, while you walk across the room to lay your clothes down.

Your back turned, I can just imagine your horror realizing you are going to have to walk back across the room… to me… naked.

You turn around, covering yourself with your hands. With each step back across the room, your face turns a darker and darker crimson.

This delights me no end.

When you get to me, you reach for the gown in my hand.

Suddenly, you have no more secrets to hide.

Your dick is sticking straight up in the air.

Oh, this is going to be one fun exam.