I was recently asked if I had ever done sissification on anyone. I remembered one guy in particular… a fuck buddy, in fact.


Sissification from a Mistress

What was hilarious about it was that he did not really want to be sissified, but I knew I could get some sissification done on him… BECAUSE… about 5 years earlier, he had randomly said, “I wonder what it would feel like to wear panties.”  I tucked that little nugget in the back of my mind, ready to pull it out at just the right moment.

And then a Sex Party presented itself and I brought all kinds of goodies in a small suitcase that I made him carry for me. When we got to the hotel room (they are held in several connected suites), there were already about 35 people there or so… later, there would be around 60.

Sissification Begins

I had Mr. Macho take a shower while I laid out his sissy clothes on the 4-poster bed. Some of our friends were in on the plans and watched as I got things ready. When Alpha Male came out of the shower, he thought he was gonna get some girl action that night. He was, but not the kind he expected!

I gestured with my hand, showing him the array of prettiness laying on the bed. His face turned white with fear and I clapped and laughed and our friends laughed, too.

“You’re going to be my sissy bitch tonight!”

He tried to stammer a protest and I lowered my voice sternly saying, “Don’t you remember when we were shopping for my panties a few years ago and you said you wondered what they felt like? Well, now’s your chance, miss priss.” as I held out the lovely party-pink panties with black lace and 2 bows on the back. I told him the bows were to highlight his sissy ass. Everyone howled as I helped him into his panties.

Sissification of a Friend (Part 2)